Coronavirus is airborne, US CDC acknowledges


The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged that the coronavirus can also spread through the air. Indeed, the CDC has modified the way corona (SARS-CoV-2) spreads in general guidelines regarding coronavirus. Now, these methods have also included the possibility of viral spread through the air. Earlier, the famous medical journal The Lancet has also said that the virus has spread through the air.

Many experts have said that the virus spreads through the air.

Since the onset of the epidemic in 2019, most researchers and experts say that the coronavirus is not spread through the air and is spread by small particles of sputum released through the mouth or nose of an infected person. This attitude has changed in the last few months, and many virologists and experts have said that if the corona had not spread through the air, the epidemic would never have taken such an extreme form.

New ways of spreading the virus, but the same methods of prevention

The CDC said that there had been a change in understanding how the coronavirus spreads, but the methods of protection from it are the same. This means that by applying two masks, repeatedly washing hands with soap and water, and following social distancing, this dangerous virus that has caused havoc worldwide can be avoided. It is essential to take this precaution even after applying both doses of vaccine to prevent infection.

What does the CDC write in the guidelines?

The CDC has written in its guidelines that the virus can spread by touching the mucus membrane by inhaling the virus, applying the virus to the mucus membrane, or touching the mucus membrane if the hand is in contact infected person. According to the CDC, large particles of sputum dissipate quickly from the air, but small particles can remain in the air for a few minutes to hours.

WHO has also given signs of the virus spreading from the air

On April 30, the World Health Organization (WHO) revised its guidelines to include the possibility of the virus spreading through the air. According to the revised guidelines, there has been discussion of spreading the infection through the air, even in closed rooms or non-ventilated places. According to the present evidence, the spread of the virus is mainly on the maximum exposure of less than one meter.

More than 150 million people worldwide have been infected

In the past, the coronavirus has reached every part of the world and has brought the rich country to its knees. According to Johns Hopkins University, around 15.72 million people have been infected with the coronavirus so far, while 32.78 lakh people have died. In the most affected US, 3.27 million people have been infected, and 5.81 lakh people have died.

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