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Who is Jesse Anderson? Who Was Killed Along With Jeffrey Dahmer

Netflix recently left the world talking about the blood-thirst psycho killer, Jeffrey Dahmer, through one of its true crime dramas, titled, “Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” With every single episode, we are discovering more about the ruthless killing of the notorious killer as well as the “killer of the killer,” Christopher Scarver. But there is one more name, which has made us explore more in the 10-episode drama, and that was, Jesse Anderson, the one who was brutally murdered by Christopher Scarver along with the third-rate criminal, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Dahmer, who is believed to practice cannibalism and necrophilia, gained infamy for the post-Mortem procedures he did on his victims’ corpses. Finally, the Milwaukee Monster was arrested in 1992 by the Milwaukee police department, who succeeded in proving him guilty in court, handing him a punishment of 16 years in prison. But, Dahmer’s time in prison was only short-lived. Within 2 years, Dahmer was murdered by the fellow inmate, at the Columbia Correctional Institute.

The show, however, managed to stand out from the cliche murder movies, as it attempted to present the narrative from the perspective of Dahmer’s victim, but still, the series faced backlash.

Now, let us come back to the point of Jesse Anderson, who was also killed by Christopher Scarver, moments after he murdered Dahmer.

So, Who was Jesse Anderson, and why was he imprisoned?

Who is Jesse Anderson?

Jesse Anderson was an Illinois native and a convicted murderer of his wife, Barbara Anderson. He was born in 1957 and graduated in 1975 from Elmhurst College after attending Alton High School.

In 1980, Jesse Anderson married Debra Ann Eickert, who was reportedly his first wife. In 4 years, they parted ways. Only a year later, Anderson tied the knots with Barbara and they shared three children while living in Cederberg, Wisconsin.

How did Jesse Anderson Kill his Wife?

On April 12, 1992, the Jesse Andersons went to grab dinner at T.G.I in Milwaukee. It was a cursed night and Barbara was clearly unaware of what was coming her way. After finishing the dinner served at the table, Jesse Anderson viciously stabbed Barbara multiple times in the head and face, before stabbing himself.

Soon, Barbara went into a coma and eventually died out of her deep injuries after 2 days. His strategy was to blame two black men for attacking them, but he was found guilty of murder. Following the verdict, Jesse Anderson was sentenced to life, leaving no possibility for Jesse Anderson to escape the punishment for the next 60 years.

What Happened to Jesse Anderson?

Who is Jesse Anderson

On November 28, 1994, Jesse Anderson and the Milwaukee Monster, Jeffrey Dahmer, were left along with the fellow inmate, Christopher Scarver at the Columbia Correctional Institute.

Apparently, Christopher Scarver went to the weight room only to get a heavy metal bar, while the trio was cleaning the prison toilet, and ferociously hit Dahmer on his head twice.

He did neither spare Jesse Anderson, who was cleaning in a separate room, as Christopher Scarver beat him with the same weapon.
Christopher Scarver then returned to the cell and was immediately spotted by a cell guard, who asked him why he went back earlier. He replied, “You will know it by 6. Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson are dead.”

Dahmer died the same day in the hospital bed, whereas Jesse Anderson was trapped between life and death for two days until he died after the medical practitioners decided to remove his life-supporting system.

The reason behind Christopher Scarver killing Jesse Anderson along with Dahmer was revealed in an interview which was later uploaded by the NY Post.

Among the multiple grounds explained by Christopher Scarver, one was that Jesse Anderson allegedly defaced a painting of Martin Luther King while being in prison.

According to Scriver, it was hard for another prisoner, who took enough time painting the piece and hung it up on the wall to dry. He claimed, “ Jesse Anderson even painted a blood dot on Martin Luther King’s forehead as if he was implying on a bullet injury.”

Jesse Anderson blaming two innocent black men for killing his wife was also pointed out by Christopher Scarver as the rationale for raising his hand with an intention of killing Jesse Anderson.

Can we see Jesse Anderson’s story in the Netflix series?

Netflix has everything to quench your thirst, from the notorious killer to any passerby and Jesse Anderson is someone who has got enough importance in the plot. Then, how could Ryan Murphy leave him behind?

In the series, Jesse Anderson is played by Jeff Harms along with Even Peters playing the disgusting Dahmer.

On September 21, 2022, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story premiered on Netflix. The series has covered almost all the nooks and corners of the incidents which took the lives of 17 people, including teen boys and adult men, as Dahmer’s target only encloses African Americans of Milwaukee, who are specifically from the gay minorities. Although Christopher Scarver was not the one to decide the fate of the cannibal, Thanks to him, the world will never have to witness the loss of an 18th person to the thirst of Dahmer. But on the first hand, why was he in jail along with Dahmer and Jesse Anderson?

Why was Christopher Scarver imprisoned?

Radio Times unleashed that Christopher Scarver, who eliminated the two worst killers from the world, was incarcerated for murdering, Steve Lohman, his work supervisor. Christopher Scarver killed Lohman holding him at gunpoint since he was apparently not satisfied with the work Christopher Scarver delivered. He was being trained as a carpenter under the surveillance of Lohman at the Wisconsin Conservation Corps, as of 1990. Ever since Scarver’s old supervisor left, work seemed to burden the guy and he eventually ended up taking the life of Lohman, shooting him to death. Following the cruelty committed, Christopher Scarver was imprisoned for life.

We are unable to decide whether it was fortunate or unfortunate that Christopher Scarver was placed in the same prison as that Jeffrey Dahmer and Jesse Anderson, both of whom have viciously murdered people.

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