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The Dragon Prince Season 4: Is It Coming In 2022?

The Dragon Prince Season 4

The Dragon Prince is an animated fantasy series that first aired in 2018 and is now returning with its The Dragon Prince Season 4 sometime in November 2022. The series was created for Netflix by Justin Richmond and Aaron Ehasz.

With the writer Aaron Ehasz, who was the former head writer of Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Dragon Prince has become widely popular. The story is set in a fantasy world and is rich in magic. The characters include humans, dragons, and elves. Here’s everything that has been announced so far about season 4:

Is Season 4 of Dragon Prince Coming Out?

The Dragon Prince can be said to be one of the most successful animated franchises on Netflix. It received an Emmy for being an outstanding children’s animated program and also has a video game in development that is set in the same world as the series.

The official renewal status of The Dragon Prince Season 4 was announced in July 2020 through Comic-Con 2020, which at that time was conducted remotely via Zoom. The Dragon Prince season 4 was extensively discussed in the additional update that arrived in December 2021.

Creators were able to lay a vision for the series till season 7. Seasons 1, 2, and 3 were called the moon, sky, and sun respectively and season 4 is set called ‘Earth.’ The season is currently under production.

NameThe Dragon Prince
CreatorsAaron Ehasz
Justin Richmond
The Dragon Prince Season 4
Release Date
November 2022
Official siteNetflix

The Dragon Prince follows a story about two human princes as they embark on an unexpected journey to bring peace to their country with an assassin elf who was sent to kill them. This strange trio makes it their aim to take the dragon egg to the elf realm safely.

Is the Dragon Prince Season 4 Release Date Confirmed?

After all the “delayed” renewal announcements, season 4 of The Dragon Prince is expected to be released sometime in November 2022. The first season of The Dragon Prince was aired on September 14, 2018, and acquired an IMDB rating of 8.4. Season 3 has increased the average score of the series in comparison to the previous seasons.

Now we are aware that the fourth season of the dragon prince will be called Book 4: Earth.

Claudia was concerned about where Aaravos was and pointed out the gigantic cocoon on the wall of the cave. It wasn’t clear how much power Viren absorbed from the baby dragon Zym, but apparently, it was enough for Aaravos’ creature to go into metamorphosis.

There’s a possibility about how the creature might rival the powers of a dragon after hatching from the cocoon. The one certain thing is- Aaravos, Viren and Claudia are till a grave threat.

The series has been exclusively streaming on Netflix for three seasons, and the upcoming fourth season will also be streaming on the very same platform. The series may not be called anime, because it lacks the Japanese touch and its drawings are made with modern technology, but it sure looks like it.

The series is executively produced by Justin Richmond, Aaron Ehasz, Justin Santistevan, Delna Bhesania, Giancarlo Volpe, Richard Grieve, and Gigi Pritzker. Netflix and PGS Entertainment served as distributor partners and the series is exclusively streaming on Netflix.

Villads Spangsberg, Lih Liau, Giancarlo Volpe, and Meruan Salim serve as directors, and Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmon serve as writers, along with Devon Giehl, Iain Hendry, and Neil Mukhopadhyay.

Talk On Social Media About The Dragon Prince Season 4

As the Dragon Prince is a huge hit among children and adults, the audience eagerly awaits the upcoming season, which is already late.

Fans are astounded to see them again and have poured their love in abundance.

The team also released a new poster for The Dragon Prince which teased and gave fans their first look at Ezran and Zym where they look significantly different from their last appearance in The Dragon Prince season 3.

What Could Happen in the Upcoming Season?

The relationship between Callum and Rayla will be more fun to explore in the upcoming season after they finally admit their love for one another. It wasn’t clear at the end of The Dragon Prince season 3, but Rayla needs to recover Viren’s coins, which contain the trapped souls of other Moonshadow elves.

Callum continues to grow in strength with his magic and is expected to improve his abilities. He is expected to face Viren or Claudia in a climactic fight, magic vs. magic, which indeed will be epic. In the previous season, Ezran started to come into his own as a king, and in the upcoming season, he might make a great kingdom with his friends on his side.

His ability to make friends with animals and other creatures will help him immensely in trying to maintain peace among dragons, humans, and elves.