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Ryan Seacrest And His Girlfriend Aubrey Paige Make Their Red Carpet Debut On Premiere Show Of Halftime!!

The Red Carpet debut of Ryan Seacrest with his girlfriend Aubrey Paide is all over the news now. Wednesday night became hotter with the presence of so many Hollywood celebrities adorning the Red Carpet. The occasion of the premier show for Jennifer Lopez’s new movie Halftime. However, it is a documentary on the actress and is thus a center of attraction for hundreds of followers. The actress invited all the top-notch personalities of the entertainment industry to this launch event. 

Although Ryan and Aubrey attended several functions and events individually, as a couple this premiere red carpet was their first occasion. The photographers caught some fabulous shots of the couple. Both of them were looking stunning as they walked together. 

Here are the details of the main event where Ryan Seacrest caught the attention of the guests and media while walking with his girlfriend. 

A Couple Stole The Show: After A Year Of Dating Ryan Seacrest And Aubrey Paige Made Their Red Carpet

Ryan, the 47-year-old host of American Idol walked for the first time on any Red Carpet with Paige, the 23-year-old Instagram sensation. It was the premiere show of Halftime, and the couple did not miss out on looking outstanding at the event. The appearance of Seacrest also mesmerized the audience offscreen when he attended the Collectors Committee Gala of LACMA 2022. It occurred this year only in the month of April. However, never did the public see him walking with his rumored bae. Hence, the debut walk with Paige made the fans truly excited. 

People suspected that something was cooking between the two when a photo from the Hamptons became viral. However, they did not feel free till this Red Carpet to share the story of their relationship with the public. Only on some days, you could just find a few pictures on their Instagram handle of Aubrey. It has been more than a year since the two are seen together in various images on social media. So, undoubtedly, the fans have been curious to know about their private life. 

Outfit At The Red Carpet

Another worth-mentioning thing about the couple on the Red Carpet was their brilliant wardrobe. A patterned maxi dress made Paige look stunning, while Ryan stole the show in gray pants and a striped jacket with a matching suit. The colorful designs of Paige’s dress offered a vibrant and prominent look beside the navy-blue suit of her boyfriend. It was enough to make the friends envy. 

The constant smile on Aubrey’s face proved how satisfied she was with being together with Ryan. Moreover, the ravishing couple looked very confident while walking down the aisle of the red carpet. 

The post on Paige’s Instagram on New Year’s Eve is remembered by many till now. She wrote with lots of enthusiasm that 2021 had been the best year of her life. She got to meet the most incredible person on this planet. Along with this beautiful post, she also uploaded some marvelous photos of Ryan Seacrest and her. Paige also wished a happy and prosperous New Year 2022 for all her audience and fans on the internet. This was the first attempt to share their happiness with the well-wishers. People definitely appreciated the approach and congratulated both the iconic figures with all their hearts. 

Revelation Of The Relationship On Love Show

After the Instagram posts, Paige also talked about their bonding on Ryan’s Live Show titled Live with Kelly and Ryan. This show also has Kelly as a co-host to Ryan. The indication of a romantic affair between Ryan and Aubrey seemed to raise the popularity of the show greatly. In one of the scenes, Kelly made a teasing comment saying that they were extremely happy to see Paige on the show. Moreover, the host also added that without seeing her it was difficult to find out whether there was actually anybody. 

Kelly Ripa came across this beautiful youth icon at one of the birthday parties of Mark, her husband. From the very first meet, she became fond of the charming girl. She joked on the live chat show stating that they needed to keep an eye on Ryan more as they were confused about whether he was dating someone or not. Coming to their relationship, the host did not hesitate to conclude that she would go into seclusion if ever the two-part their ways. Such a comment was indeed heart-warming and showed how caring Ripa was for the couple. 


Seacrest’s lovely height was always the central theme of the conversation while comparing him with Paige. Moreover, this topic was prominent indeed as Aubrey is also a model where height plays an important role. On being asked about this on the Live show, initially, the serious look on Ryan’s face caught everyone’s attention.

Kelly smartly questioned her co-host about how he manages as Paige looks taller than him, especially when in heels. This actually put the marvelous host in a dilemma about how to go with this conversation. The light-hearted ambiance became truly enjoyable for the audience with so many interesting things coming up. 

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