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The Last Of Us First Look Revealed!! The Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Of Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey To Come Out In 2023

The first look of The Last of Us is going to overwhelm the audience, a lot. The new apocalyptic thriller will come to you in 2023. Moreover, the HBO series will also now include the roles of the marvelous actors Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker. Before these, the two rose to fame for a video game of the same name. Hence, the public will definitely love these characters while watching the mind-blowing television series. 

HBO is now taking the initiative to remake the movie with several fantastic artists and a gripping plot. Are you also waiting to watch the revamped version? Get all the details in this article without being late for the release date. 

Last Of Us’ First Look Out!! A Reveal of the Characters in the Play

The news of the TV series first came at the Summer Game Fest. The primary theme will remain the same as in the classic flick, The Last of Us. Thus, it was a great afternoon treat for all the fans of the movie. It will be fascinating to watch the story repeatedly in a modern version with different episodes. Are you curious about the plots and the cast? Continue reading and you will get more exciting facts slowly revealed. 

The Last Of Us First Look Revealed!! The Post-Apocalyptic Thriller Of Pedro Pascal And Bella Ramsey To Come Out In 2023

This thriller is going to be a fabulous creation of Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. The character of Bella is Ellie. The Game of Thrones famous actress will definitely impress you in this show also. On the other hand, the performance of Pedro Pascal is also going to mesmerize you. His character’s name is Joel and just like The Mandalorian, here also he will cast his magic on the viewers.

Apart from these two main artists, you can also find the terrific performances of the Terminator fame actor Gabriel Luna in the role of Joel’s brother, Tommy. So, it is truly going to be a star-studded show with the best Hollywood celebrities sharing one screen space. 

The detailed list of the cast for the new series of The Last of Us includes the following;-

  • Murray Barlett
  • Jeffrey Pierce
  • Con O’Neill
  • Storm Reid
  • Merle Dandridge
  • Nick Offerman
  • Nico Parker

The list of artists is great indeed. Although the ones who have already seen the movie are well acquainted with the plot, the new presentation style will give both new and old viewers a different experience. The first look is already here for you to enjoy. Moreover, the makers made a fabulous announcement recently that your wait will finally be over in 2023. Until that time, please appreciate the efforts of the cast and crew members and rejoice in the remake. 

The Interesting Plot of the Series

The backdrop of this new TV series will be a bit different than the original movie. You will be placed 20 years ahead and enjoy the adventures of the only survivors after the destruction. It implies that the story will take you to a future world after the destruction of the modern era. 

Joel and Ellie are the leading characters of the show, who portray the survivors of the destruction. You will observe how Joel got the responsibility of bringing Ellie outside the quarantine zone. However, this job was not very easy either. During the journey, they understood that it is impossible to survive without depending on each other.

Furthermore, the adventurous journey while traversing different parts of the United States will show you a different picture of life altogether. There will not be any trace of life after the massive destruction. Thus, you will not be able to distinguish between rural and urban areas. 

What will be the fate of the bonding between Joel and the 14-year-old? The unique essence of the relationship between two unknown persons is the real plot of the series. The makers are hopeful that the audience will accept the plot from the beginning only. Things will also turn brutal as they struggle to survive amidst such tough conditions.

Be it food or shelter, nothing seems to be normal anymore. It was like the beginning of a new world after the end. Will they find any other people to help on this journey? Who is instructing Joel? You will get the answers as the story progresses from one episode to the next. 

Last Lines To End 

The director of the pilot episode will be Kantemir Balagov. However, he will not be directing all the episodes of the series. In this journey, the co-directors for many other episodes will be Ali Abbasi of Border fame and Jasmila Zbanic of Quo Vadis fame. The cumulative efforts will surely bring something extraordinary in front of the audience. 


Please Make sure that you have the OTT channel readily installed for not to miss any of the interesting episodes. Download  HBO Max today on your smart device and start enjoying the incredible journey. 2023 is surely going to be a rocking year for HBO lovers.

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