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How to Clean Earphones?

Music heals everything and for that reason, we all love to listen to our favorite tracks in our free time. When it comes to listening to our favorite music tracks, we all need earphones or headphones we buy the best earphones under 1000 rupees budget to 10000 rupees budget range.

Earphones come in two different types i.e. Bluetooth Earphones or Wireless Earphones and Wired Earphones. They give you the best music experience and entertainment without disturbing the others.

Are you worried about the life of your earphones? Want to know how to clean earphones? Well, his guide will help you to take care of your earphones for long-lasting life.

Earphones are expensive and for that reason, we must take very good care of them. They are exposed to nature for hours which attracts a lot of dirt and debris.

Dirty earphones can’t give you the quality of sound and it also reduces the audio quality. If you want the same performance and quality of sound from your earphones for years, then you must keep your earphones cleaned and free from dirt.

To keep your earphones clean, here we have provided some guidelines for you. The following guidelines will help you keep your earphones healthy and long-lasting to give you the ultimate music experience.

How often should you clean your earphones?

The first question that may arise in everyone’s mind is how often they should clean up their earphones or headphones? Well, it depends upon the actual usage of the earphones by the users.

Besides how long you are using your earphones, what you do while wearing the earphones may also affect the frequency of cleaning. The current climate condition also plays its role. These are some of the factors that can affect the overall performance of your earphones.

If you keep your earphones on the desk daily after using them, then you should clean up or wipe them up using a normal cotton cloth every once a week. Just spend five minutes wiping the dirt away.

If you are a fitness freak who wears earphones every day in the gym, then you must wipe out the earphones after every workout session to avoid sweat from entering the electronic parts. It could damage your earphones entirely, you should wipe down your earphones if they get wet due to a workout.

The best thing to keep the earphones clean is to wipe them up using a cotton cloth every day. Keep the fingerprints away from them, and wipe out dirt or greasy things from them. If you wait for several days to clean them up, then you will end up losing your time for cleaning. You should wipe them daily.

How to Clean Earphones?

Ensure that you have the right tools to clean up earwax, dirt, and debris stored around the output area of the earphones. You can use the household things to do so. The list is given below!

Things You Will Need:

● Alcohol Wipes or Cotton Cloth or Microfiber Cloth

● Toothbrush

● Dishwashing liquid

● Isopropyl

● Cotton Swabs

Instructions Steps:

● Take out the earphones and remove the tips. The tips of the earphones are very important parts as they prevent dirt and dust from entering the electronic parts. Keep the tips in the lukewarm water mixed with dishwashing liquid.

● After five minutes, rinse them properly and keep them away.

● Now, take out a toothbrush and clean up the mesh cover of the earphones. Make sure you rub the toothbrush gently on the mesh cover. It removes dirt and debris stored on the mesh cover which reduces the audio quality of the earphones.

● Dip a cotton swab into isopropyl alcohol and rub the swab across the mesh cover. You can clean up the entire earphones using the cotton swab dipped with isopropyl which is also known as the cleaning solution for electronic devices.

● Allow the tips and the earphones to dry for some time. Keep them away for at least 10 minutes before you start using them.

Take away!

When you are not using your earphones, store them properly in the cover. Whenever you put them in your pocket or on the desk, they attract dirt and debris. Clean up the storage case of the earbuds also so that you can keep them away from dirt and debris for long period. Keep all the useful cleaning materials listed above handy and follow the earphones cleaning guidelines to offer longer life to your earphones.

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