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This Way Up Season 3: All We Know About The Series!

This Way Up is a British drama series that centers on an Irish Catholic lady, Áine(Aisling Bea) who has just recovered from her mental breakdown.

She is a London-based English teacher whose only ambition is to get her life in order and overcome her deteriorating mental health. She has no other aspirations.

To now, the program has produced two seasons, making us question whether it will be renewed for a third. Here’s everything we know so far about ‘This Way Up’ season 3 for fans who have liked the program and want to stay up to date!

This Way Up Season – More Details

Season 2 of ‘This Way Up‘ was made available to stream in its entirety on Hulu on July 9, 2021. The second season began on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on July 14, 2021.

Now that the third season is most anticipated by the fans, we have some exciting news to share with you! The program has not been renewed for a third season yet. However, the show’s ratings indicate that the network may continue to air it.

Likewise, it seems that the cast members are eager to return to the production for a third excursion. Tobias Menzies (Richard), the show’s star and creator, has said that he is open to producing further episodes, but the decision ultimately rests with Aisling Bea.

For Bea, the writing process requires her to draw on the depths of her own life experiences to achieve the highest level of meaning possible, according to Tobias.

It isn’t going to be a simple task at all. The actor also hinted that Bea might use various methods to develop new concepts for the upcoming third season.

Fans who have been affected by the lockdown can find solace in Bea’s hopes and ambitions for season 3, which she discussed during an interview. She aimed to help as many individuals as possible, regardless of their socioeconomic status or level of accomplishment.

There is a good likelihood that the life-affirming tragicomedy will be revived in light of the above circumstances. We may anticipate shooting to begin as soon as we learn about its confirmation.

A year-long break between production cycles is typical in the television industry, so viewers may have to wait for a while.

This Way Up Season 3: Expected Plot

In the last episode of Season 2, Shona and Vish have a major falling out when the latter learns about her romance with Charlotte. In addition, Richard has discussed his connection with Aine with his son Etienne. 

Aine may have to pick between quarantining with Bradley or Richard now that the lockdown has taken center stage in the play.

Season two opens with Aine “starting to leave her time in treatment behind and live less carefully, which may not be altogether prudent,” as the show’s US broadcaster Hulu phrased it in its official description.

Tobias Menzies remarked, “What I admire about Aisling’s work [is] there are loads of incredibly difficult intriguing women in it, but it doesn’t end there. Male characters have a life of their own, and you’re looking at how their emotions influence men’s sexuality. It doesn’t sell well and isn’t given much screen time.

It continues to tackle difficult and sensitive material cleverly and hilariously, with the second season picking up where the previous one left off.

Whether the third season gets commissioned, we expect it to follow suit.

However, we can expect to witness the fallout from Shona accidentally sending a voice message to Vish rather than her business colleague Charlotte, thus revealing an affair.

When Etienne (Richard’s son and Aine’s student) learned of the affair, how would things change between Aine and Richard? In light of the impending COVID-19 lockdown, would Aine quarantine with her roommate Bradley (who has developed feelings for her) or Richard before the conclusion of season two?

Lockdown may be the setting for season three if Aine is forced to deal with her grief alone, away from her supportive family and closest friend Shona.

Once season 2 concludes, we may anticipate the third season to pick off just where season 2 left off. Shona will pay for what she did by disclosing the voice message. 

Additionally, Aine will have to face her inner demons and come to terms with who she is and what she wants out of life. When Etienne learns about her relationship with his father, she may have to confront him. but to this date, there is no official news about season three from the creators.

This Way Up Season 3 Trailer out?

Season three of This Way Up doesn’t have a trailer yet since it hasn’t been disclosed, but we’ll keep you informed as more information becomes available.

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