Selling Sunset season 5: Expected Release Date & Renewal Status! Check Here!

Selling Sunset season 5

Every lover of reality television is familiar with the show ‘Selling Sunset’ because of its unrivaled drama, excess, relationships, and estates in each episode. 

Real estate brokers from The Oppenheim Group are the stars of the show because they are so successful and fiercely competitive that they put a light on Los Angeles’ true luxury. We can view the Sunset Strip, the Hollywood Hills, and the San Fernando Valley from our location.

Because of its eight-episode release on March 22, 2019, both the general public and reviewers have found the show’s depiction of Los Angeles solid but little over-the-top since then. 

All aspects of the characters ‘ lives are chronicled here to ensure that the series is as real, appropriate, and dramatic as possible. Friendship and competition are the main elements in this story. 

That’s why it’s been praised worldwide and even nominated for an Emmy. So, with the release of the fourth episode of this very entertaining series, it’s time to learn more about ‘Selling Sunset’ season 5.

Selling Sunset season 5 Release Date

Season five of Selling Sunset was resurrected in March when the show was given a two-season renewal. Because we don’t know when the next episode will broadcast, this is terrible news.

In November 2021, Chrishell Stause released a photo of her dress during a shoot for season five, presently in production.

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Seasons two and three of Selling Sunset were filmed in short succession and released within three months of each other, but there hasn’t been much consistency in the release dates of the past four seasons.

If this holds for the fourth and fifth installments, we may anticipate the release of Selling Sunset season five at the beginning of 2022, maybe in January or February.

Selling Sunset season 5 Plot

As Season 4 came to a close, Netflix teased the most anticipated storyline of Season 5, and it revolved around two characters.

When Chrishell and Jason made their Instagram relationship public on July 28, 2021, the cameras were there to document their budding chemistry.

In a little video clip, the cast was seen learning about Jashell, and it seemed like everyone was completely taken aback.

While it’s not yet apparent whether the breakup will figure in season five, it may be the centerpiece of season six.

Additionally, the season four finale left Christine feeling alone and cut off from the rest of the group.

According to The Oppenheim Group’s website, Christine and the other females are still at odds, even though she is still employed there.

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Christine posted on Twitter complaining about being “kept out” of Oppenheim Group team photographs in a video.

Season five will undoubtedly go further into the workplace drama, which looks alive and well this season.

Selling Sunset season 5 Cast

Season 5 of Selling Sunset is most likely to include a cast similar to season 4. Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, Vanessa Villela, Emma Hernan, Davina Potratz, and Maya Vander are expected to return.

It’s possible that Jason Oppenheim won’t appear as much since he’s opening a new office in Orange County, but we expect Brett and others, including partners, to show up.

Selling Sunset season 5 Trailer

The last episode of Netflix’s Selling Sunset will sneak a peek at season five with a teaser trailer. You’ll need to sign in to your account to see it.

As a few members of the workplace vacation in Italy and Greece, Jason and Chrishell’s connection is made public in a little video clip.


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