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Will Pixar’s ‘A Bug’s Life’ Have A Sequel?

The tale of the ant and grasshopper always gets a lot of attention! Now, to supplement the pleasure with another dose, Disney and Pixar movies seem to return with a sequel. After almost two and a half decades since the original animated movie, it is said to be in the works.

Would it be odd to you why there is such a significant time gap between the two movies? We considered it, so we’ve put up this post with the most up-to-date information and developments in order to provide you with expert advice. Read on to learn more!

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Inspired by the Ant and the Grasshopper tale from Aesop’s Fables, Pixar Animation Studios created A Bug’s Life in the 1990s and is presently working on a sequel. The plot of King Bidwell’s Garden is largely a continuation of the previous story and is supposed to be the grasshoppers’ revenge.


When Will A Bug’s Life 2 Hit The Big Screen?

There is no specific date for the film’s release, but it will be released in 2022. The creators have already hinted at a sequel on their social media accounts during the first quarter of 2018. They added, “A different viewpoint” to the title, which suggests a new film in and of itself.

What do you think a new perspective might imply? Tell us what you think about this, too!

Is it time for a sequel to A Bug’s Life?

The trailer isn’t yet available. It is anticipated to be available shortly. But you never know because the creators may release it at any moment, perhaps as soon as tomorrow!

The creators have already given the fans several stills from the film. Have you seen them yet?

What’s the story in Bug’s Life?

Flik and the rest of the ant colony, as well as other insects, prepare for battle against Experian, the evil grasshopper leader, on Ant Island. In the prequel, Hopper was murdered by Finn, and to take his revenge, the Grasshopper team must confront the insect team.

The story is about a misfit ant, Flik, who tries to build an army to defend his colony from the gang of nasty Grasshoppers. However, the warriors he selects turn out to be some clumsy troupe of circus bugs.

Who Are The Expected Cast Of A Bug’s Life 2?

There are several other actors who voice the remaining minor characters in the film. There had previously been no word of any additional character, but if anything like this occurs, we will keep you informed.


The sequel to A Bug’s Life is expected to be released in the year 2022, but it has not yet been given a specific release date. We also know that Disney’s 1998 blockbuster A Bug’s Life is somewhat underappreciated, although this concept may change because the follow-up will be fantastic.

Is there anything wrong with being a kid at heart? There’s always something fascinating about animated films, isn’t there? In addition, Walt Disney Studios is producing a new version of the Ant and Grasshopper tale.

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