The God Of High School Season 2 Release Date: Cancelled or Renewed?

The God Of High School Season 2

The God of Highschool is a fictional series with supernatural factors and drama details. The series, whose authentic story is based totally on manga, is permitted by Crunchyroll. 

It wouldn’t be proper to state manga. The anime is tailored from a manhwa, a Korean fiction that debuted initially on Tokyo MX and AT-X channels; the series also debuted on the HBO Max channel. 

The show, which began advertising on July 6, 2020, finished its initial season on September 28, 2020, with its thirteenth episode called “GOD / GOD.” 

The series is produced by Japanese studio MAPPA, the same Japanese studio as Dorohedoro, which we initially listed in the listing of pleasant series debuted this year. 

The anime conversion of the manga show, composed and represented by Yonge Park, determined audiences international with its launch on HBO.

 The series with an above-average rating of 7.6 on IMDb additionally receives excellent opinions from experts. Enthusiasts of the series are now involved in the 2nd season. Will there be a 2nd season of the show? When will it be premiered? Here are all updates!

The God Of High School Season 2 Release Date

It is pretty unlucky, to say. Hence, we don’t have any reliable replacement from Crunchyroll related to the 2nd season. 

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But as the first season aired in the summer of 2020 and persisted for two months, we can assume that the subsequent season may be aired someday in 2022, understanding how the series enterprise works.

The God Of High School Season 2 Cast

  • Taek Jegal 
  • Mori Jin
  • Manseok Gang 
  • Mira Yoo 
  • Seungchul Baek
  • Daewi Han  
  • Ilpyo Park
  • Gamdo Go
  • Taejin Jin

The God Of High School Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no trailer for The God Of High School season 2 yet. For now, you can watch the season 1 trailer and guess the storyline of the next season.

The God Of High School Season 2 Plot

The God of Highschool is a Korean Webtoon by using Yongje Park, posted on Naver and Webtoon. The band participates in a country-wide conflict match, and the champion receives to have any want awarded. As the match proceeds, exceedingly darkish secrets, and techniques are revealed, each inner and backyard our leads!

Season 1 has tailored up to the National Arc. It’s a superb spot to finish; a foremost plot factor is ceasing, and we are about to cross on to more excellent dimensions. 

New standards are about to come. Now admittedly, the series has refined the plot, solely retaining the entire fundamental thread. This isolation can point to some connectivity troubles in the series.

The 2nd season of ‘God of High School’ introduces us to Taejin Jin. He controls an entirely new military skills fashion thru a North Korean officer achieved through South Korean politics. 

When Taejin and his guys head to North Korea to look into bizarre electricity readings coming out of there, they study that North Koreans are hiding something inner their tunnels.

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That’s when they come across a mighty gorilla-like monster. When hostility results, the gorilla falls. Hence, it offers Taejin a glass that incorporates Jin Mori. And that’s how our significant lead gets into existence.

Final Words

That’s all about The God Of High School season 2 that you must know. I hope you like this post. Please stay connected with us for more news!


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