Why Should You Wear Elevator shoes?

Why Should You Wear Elevator shoes
Why Should You Wear Elevator shoes

What Are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are height increasing shoes that make you look taller and help you get taller over time. They are also amazing and irresistible to look at. They are very attractive and sleek compared to normal footwear which is tailored more to style and sacrificing comfortability.

Elevator shoes are shoes that make the wearer appear larger, or “higher” as its name suggests, through the thickening areas of the insoles (so-called shoe elevators).

As they say: “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression”. This also applies to when you walk into that conference room. People will look at you and examine if you are confident or not. Just like if you wear a suit and you don’t feel confident wearing it, people most likely know. However, if you wear a suit and you act and feel confident, then people will see that confidence beaming through you.

Different people have different problems, for some, it might be their height, confidence, style, or comfort. Whatever it may be, we believe that wearing guidomaggi.com elevator shoes will help fix these problems. Without further a due, here are five amazing benefits to wearing elevator shoes.


Let’s start with the most obvious benefit. Height is a concern with a lot of people and some just have very unlucky genes and are born shorter than the average height. The sole purpose of elevator shoes is to “elevate” your height by 2-5 inches. However, some people are embarrassed or shy to wear elevator shoes in public. But, always keep in mind that all this means is that you are self-aware and willing to change for the better, there is no need to be shy about it.

Our primal instincts tell us that people who take up more space are more alpha and dominant. This also applies to height, the taller someone is, the more dominant they are, meaning we should respect them more. This is why you see many actresses, models, musicians, and celebrities wear high heels or some form of elevated shoes to appear taller to appear more attractive and dominant.


When people think about elevator shoes, they only associate them with the first benefit which is to elevate your height. Though this is not wrong, it is not the only benefit. Elevator shoes are often very stylish and sleek looking making them a perfect shoe for going out in public. Style and class are the bread and butter when it comes to modern fashion. Elevator shoes come in different sizes, styles, colors, and patterns. This means that you get to pick your style and be confident wearing it!

Elevator shoes are also not outdated in terms of fashion standards. Many Hollywood celebrities wear elevator shoes all the time! Such as Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr, Brad Pitt, Mick Jagger, Sylvester Stallone, and many more! These celebrities wear elevator shoes proudly and people can see that, which in turn gains their respect.


Elevator shoes are also surprisingly very comfortable! This is due to the inserted cushions found in each pair which makes you feel like you are walking in heaven with each step. The best part is that you get to wear them around anywhere anytime! You can wear it while you’re in your office, house, or when going for a walk. Every time you wear and walk on those elevator shoes, you can always trust that they will always feel comfortable. On the other hand, wearing ordinary shoes might be a hassle because sometimes these shoes are made for style / look only which makes them not ideal for walking home from work. By wearing elevator shoes, you are essentially doing yourself a favor by letting your feet muscles relax and feel comfortable.

Improved Posture

Elevator shoes don’t only make you taller but also enhance your posture in the process. This is because to reap the full benefit of elevated height from elevator shoes, you need to have decent posture. By wearing elevator shoes, you are essentially forcing yourself to have decent posture, or else your height won’t change. Elevator shoes make you walk straight with your head held up high and with your shoulders back. With improved posture, you will look more attractive, presentable, and confident in yourself, and people will notice.


I’m sure everyone has heard of the saying “Confidence comes from within” but it is true! You cannot be confident if you don’t feel confident. But, with all these benefits from gaining height to feel more dominant, style to make you look more presentable, comfort to make you feel on top of the world, and improved posture to make you look more organized. All these benefits will make you feel more confident! Most people don’t feel confident when they are faced with uncertainty, however, when wearing elevator shoes, there is no uncertainty because you can always rely on it to make you feel confident. These shoes will make you stand out in that conference room, romantic date, or a very important business meeting. All because you feel confident from within.


Overall, everyone should try guidomaggi elevator shoes at least once in their life. Even if they don’t feel like it will change anything, everyone should still try it. Simply because of the benefits it has brought to so many people’s daily lives. Some people have felt so confident wearing elevator shoes that they were able to close out that final deal with that investor for their company. Some people have felt so stylish that they impressed that someone at work. Some people have never been so confident about their height just because they grew just 2-5 inches over time. Some people have never gotten better posture until they wore elevator shoes. The point is clear, try it at least once in your lifetime.


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