Rosewood Season 3 Cancelled an FoX ?

Rosewood Season 3

Rosewood is an American medical drama series that aired for three seasons on Fox. The show takes place in the fictional town of Rosewood and follows a private pathologist with ties to the police department who solves crimes.

The first season of Rosewood Season 1 was very well-received by viewers. However, it did not impress the critics. Despite criticism

Fox renewed the show for its second season that started in September 2016. This is the first time this has happened since season one of Rosewood, which ended in April 2017 after a short two months. Many fans were excited about the announcement, but their hopes were dashed when Fox announced it was canceling the series. Yes fans, Fox canceled the series on May 9, 2017.

On April 29, 2017, Fox canceled the show after two seasons.

Why Fox Canceled Rosewood Season 3?

The show faced cancellation because of the lack of interest from its previous viewers and a decline in viewership. Fox canceled the show.

Will Rosewood Return for Season 3 Ever?

Fox canceled the series on May 9, 2017. More than three years have elapsed and still no news regarding the renewal of the series. Fox endangered that season 3 is unlikely given a decrease in viewership. Though the fan base of this drama is not large, fans are demanding third season Fans have also created an online petition to renew it for the third season. However, Fox has disregarded the demand thus far.

Fox finished season 2 of Rosewood earlier this year and cancels all future projects. Season 3 of Rosewood has not yet been renewed by a channel.Rosewood Season 3

The Cast for Rosewood Season 3. Who Will We Meet in Season 3?

If any more seasons of Rosewood are made, the cast will consist of:

With an eye on the show’s history, we might get to watch new characters.

The Plot of Rosewood? What to Expect From Rosewood Season 3?

The story revolves around the brilliant Dr. Beaumont Rosewood who was suffering from a dangerous heart condition that could also affect his life. Dennis was a professional thief during the day but in his spare time wanted to help solve crimes with detective Annalise Villa. All the serial detectives, including Rosewood and Villa, started to get more involved with investigations that lead to a budding romance.

However, in Season 2, there was no word of Rosewood and Villa confessing their feelings to each other. In season 3 we will see how it progresses as they work on more criminal cases.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Rosewood Season 3?

FOX has officially canceled the series. Therefore, you might never see the trailer for season 3 of this show. However, if it gets picked up by another station, you will see a trailer. We will update here once we find out anything more about that situation.

What Is the IMDb Rating of the Rosewood Series?

The third season of this crime drama was canceled by Fox. The series scored an average rating of 6.7 out of 10 from the audience.

Where to Watch the Rosewood Series?

If you want to watch the 3rd season of Rosewood, it is not on FOX. You can find it either through Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

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Final Verdict

It’s a crime drama with lots of romance. You’ll love the mixture of different things in this show that keeps you wanting more. The plot will keep you watching through the entire season. This show is worth watching.

What do you think about the upcoming end of Rosewood? What is your favorite storyline from this show?

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