BNA Season 2: Is Netflix Planning to Renew the Series?

BNA Season 2

Netflix has had a long-standing affiliation with the world of anime. As it stands, there are plenty of titles available on Netflix.

Series like Tokyo Ghoul, Future Diary, Steins Gate and Kill la kill have all made their name known around the site. Watching anime in a third-party app is still the same: ads and other people trying to buy/sell “cracked” accounts.

Recently, the BNA series has been handed over to Netflix. The show does great and is a new one, people are loving it. The second season of Big Night Out is premiering on Netflix and fans are desperate for new information.

Before starting this season, if you are new to the series, be sure to read the next section carefully.

BNA Season 2

One of the most popular series released in 2019 was a Japanese drama. The show is called BNA, which stands for Brand new animal and it’s an appealing sci-fi fantasy drama targeted at the audience.

The series on the light novel was written by Asano and illustrated by Trigger.

Studio Trigger has launched the second season of BNA. The series had twelve episodes, with the first being released on 8 April 2020. Netflix acquired distribution rights for this show.

The first season ended, and it received many praises from the people. The ending of this season has definitely led to talk about the second season, but is there any indication that a second one will exist? We’ll answer in the next section.BNA Season 2

Can We Expect Season 2 Of BNA?

The second series of BNA has caused interest with people wanting it to be released soon.

However, there is no official announcement of a second BNA season yet. Many fans have been left waiting for news to finally confirm what they all hope will happen- that there will be another season.

The hit TV series is a Netflix original, and it’s already here. The season of “Brown Nation” ended in June 2020.

Netflix has not publicly announced an update for this season of the show. Many TV series are renewed after 2-3 years and this one was released in 2020, but sometimes it takes more than the expected time to renew a show. The viewers of this series are eagerly waiting for the next season.BNA Season 2

 When BNA 2 Is Going To Release?

The release date of the second season of this show is not yet known. Netflix hasn’t announced any details about it.

The show has already been on the air for a year, but it would be unlikely to happen anytime soon. Covid-19 is going around and that could make the production bad.

To compensate for the delay, the broadcasting of season 2 was extended from 2020-2021 to 2022-2023.

Where Is The Official Trailer Of BNA 2?

The first trailer for the English Dub of Season 2 was released on YouTube.

The first trailer of the season has not yet been released, but if you have not seen the first trailer from last year then be sure to check it out.

What Are The Ratings Of This Show?

Looking for the score of the show? You’ll find out all about where it aired and how many viewers watched it too.

This show has been well-received by critics and it has an approval rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.

More than ninety-seven percent of people who watched this anime have liked it. This is not surprising given that the show has also done well in audience ratings. The viewers have rated this show with 4.8/5 stars which is an excellent rating.

While the show has been moderately successful in terms of critics’ feedback, Rotten Tomatoes rates it at a far less fortunate 7.3/10 while MyAnimeList is more passionate with its rating of 7.4/10.


People are excited for season 2 because Netflix could be picking up the series again based on its popularity. The show revolves around a high school boy in which he can be an anthropomorphic animal. We are not sure whether the series will return for another season.

Many fans of BNA have been vocal about their desire to see a second season. What are our views about it? Do tell us in our comment section.

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