J&J vaccine: King County Woman Dies From Blood Clotting After Receiving J&J Vaccine

J&J vaccine: King County Woman Dies From Blood Clotting After Receiving J&J Vaccine

King Country lady dies from blood clotting after receiving the J&J vaccine. All US residents are up in arms in fury over this death.

The case against the J&J vaccine follows two deaths of women who died following vaccination with Merck’s Gardasil, causing many to question whether vaccines are safe at all when injecting these foreign substances into our bodies.

“It is essential to note that vaccinated women in Washington state are not at greater risk of thrombosis with thrombocytopenia than the general population, and vaccinated men and women between 18 and 49 years of age in King County who have not received the vaccine face far less risk than the rest of the national population,” Shah said.

“Vaccination continues to be the best way that we have to prevent hospitalizations and deaths from this dangerous and contagious virus.”

CDC approved the woman died following a single dose of the COVID-19 vaccine administered at a clinic in Mukilteo.

Under state law, this death must be reported to the CDC and investigated, according to Dr. Jeffrey Duchin, chief medical officer for Public Health–Seattle & King County.

It is also possible this death could affect the FDA’s approval of the J&J vaccine. In November 2010, the CDC recommended states place a moratorium on administering Merck & Co.’s HPV vaccine, Gardasil, until the long-term side effects are known.

It was after two dozen girls died following vaccination with Gardasil. The deaths were never explained.

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Last Friday, the FDA approved the first vaccine to prevent certain cancers caused by the cervical cancer virus (HPV). It is a landmark decision since there are more than 4,000 cases of cervical cancer diagnosed every year in the US alone, along with 565 deaths.

According to CDC’s website, it can take up to four weeks for your immune system to produce antibodies once you’ve received a vaccination.

The death of this woman is so sad and is a testament to the dangers of vaccines. The CDC and FDA need to reevaluate these vaccines. With 38 deaths in such a low number of people, the risk vs. reward is rather distasteful.

J&J Vaccine Cases

  • The Spokane Regional Health District announced 329 new COVID-19 cases and one further death on Tuesday.
  • There have been 853 deaths because of Corona Virus in Spokane County citizens.
  • There are 187 COVID cases hospitalized in Spokane.
  • The Panhandle Health District announced 243 other Coronavirus cases and an estimated excess of 1,949 cases.
  • There are 146 Panhandle citizens hospitalized. Kootenai Health uses a record high number of Corona Virus patients, with 145 COVID inpatients, involving 42 insignificant care and four pediatric cases.

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