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Who Is The Colossal Titan? Every Titan Shifter Revealed

I’ve watched much anime in my day; however, Attack on Titan is my favorite exhibit in the medium, via far. It’s due to the fact of the lore. I can’t get sufficient of it! 

Now, earlier than I proceed, I prefer to say that if you’ve in no way watched Attack on Titan before, then flip returned now due to the fact from right here on out, I am continuing to fall into some massive spoilers.

Still with me? Okay, good. As I was once about to say, I love the lore of Attack on Titan. And when we realized that the titans have been truly human beings and now not simply monsters, well, that modified merely the whole thing for me. 

As I stated before, I’ve watched anime in my days, like One Piece. But nothing has captivated me like Attack on Titan, and I assume it all goes lower back to the titans themselves, which are terrifying. 

That said, which titans are the most terrifying? I have the solutions for you proper here, ranked. And if you disagree with me, well, “I don’t have time to fear if it’s proper or wrong. You can’t expect for a terror story with a joyful ending.”

Bertolt Hoover

When we’re delivered to Bertolt Hoover, he’s an education corps graduate residing inside the partitions on Paradis Island, working toward his intention of becoming a member of the navy police brigade. 

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The quieter one between himself and his accomplice Reiner Braun, it isn’t till halfway through season two that we know his accurate identification as the Colossal Titan.

Throughout season 2, Reiner tells Eren that he was once the Armored Titan who shattered by Wall Maria beside Bertoldt’s Colossal Titan in the sequence debut.

As is defined in later seasons, each Bertolt, Reiner, and two different accomplices had been despatched to Paradis Island from the mainland country of Marley.

While their diagram can also have failed, the pair, as nicely as the Female Titan, Annie Leonhart, hid inside society, sharing intel with these returned on Marley.

Bertolt stays the Colossal Titan at some point of the occasions of the sequence till he is defeated in conflict by using Eren in the course of the Return to Shiganshina arc in season three. 

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At this factor, patrol officer Levi is given the titan shot. He prefers to share it with his chief Erwin Smith or Armin Arlert to keep their lifestyles by turning into a titan themselves, feasting Bertoldt, and absorbing his Colossal Titan power.

Marley’s Goal

Marley and Eldia have conflicted heaps of years earlier than Marley took manipulate of the Colossal Titan, as correctly as six of the different Nine Titans. 

To beat Eldia and win the Founding Titan, the ultimate of the Nine Titans in Eldia’s territory, they despatched Bertholdt, alongside Marcel, Annie, and Reiner, to go to Paradis.

They had been supposed to steal the Founding Titan and return to Marley. 

However, their design failed rapidly after the teens went to the island. Marcel used to be eaten using Ymir, and Reiner satisfied the others to proceed with their mission. It would quit up ensuing in Bertholdt’s death.

Armin Arlert

Armin was once amazed to study that he grew to become the Colossal Titan and that his comrades saved him alternatively of Erwin. 

With the Colossal Titan lower back in Eldia’s hands, Armin fought towards the Marleyans and used to be capable of seeing Bertholdt’s memories. His titan seemed very extraordinary in contrast to Bertholdt’s. However, they are comparable in many ways.

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