PS4 User Displays Custom DualShock 4 Controller With Bright Buttons

DualShock 4 Controller

The PS5 and the DualShock 4 controller are on the growth. Hence, some fans anyway seem to pick the PS4 and its DualShock controller.

One PS4 person with some modder’s sensibilities displays a customized DualShock four controller that points to brightly glowing buttons.

Redditor Sam_Under_Ice collectively put this customized controller the use a package they determined online. The controller itself seems to be a stupid gray color. However, each keypad appears to be vivid glowing yellow.

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The result is a luminous controller, terrific for enjoying video video games in darkish rooms. However, it may not be shocking to hear that the customization did not assist the battery life.

Sam_Under_Ice admitted that the mild is a bit vivid for alleviation, and they have been thinking about including a soft coat of headlight lens tint spray paint to tone down the glare.

They additionally noted the opportunity of inserting a resister inline; however, after some consideration, they determined it wasn’t well worth the hassle.

Reportedly, the modchip is notably cheaply made. The wires are no longer the satisfactory quality. It is all packed in there surprisingly tightly, which would probably make DualShock 4 similarly four adjustments very difficult.

According to the modder, the mild is not as distracting as one would possibly think. While it is virtually hanging to an observer, it is now not genuinely important as soon as the consumer has begun gaming with it.

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Sam_Under_Ice has expressed a wish to tone down the brightness to extra of a tender backlight. However, 1/3 birthday party modchips can solely do so much.

They obtained into gaming mods with notably easy shell replacements and are now branching out. It seems they have more excellent customization records with handhelds than the DualShock 4 controller. Hence this venture into controller modding got here out very striking.

As of writing, the customized has a very divided reception on Reddit, with some customers being blown away using the mod and others criticizing it heavily.

Many have expressed activity in the effect of the glowing button, although just as several have required, they would not accept it themselves till the brightness may need to be dimmed.

One individual takes by way of Sam_Under_Ice’s work they requests how the modder receive into the field.

Another consumer cited being afraid to open their controller to dispose of some dirt and obtained step-by-step directions from Sam_Under_Ice on how to do it.

While the DualShock 4 may not work with PS5 games, the controller and the PS4 console still have fans, particularly in the modding community.

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