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Best Minecraft Modpacks You Should Try Now

Minecraft Modpacks

Modpack is a fantastic way to test mods. Modpacks are also an excellent tool for teaching new players about the basics of modding.

Modpacks are a fantastic way to play Minecraft with friends who haven’t played the game before.

A lot of people like mod packs because they’re easy to download and set up. They’re often quite well put together, too, because any experienced Minecraft player could make one. 

Modpacks are also great for hosting or joining servers that aren’t vanilla Minecraft. Modify Minecraft is one of the best modpacks for multiplayer servers, and it’s straightforward to set up.

Legends of Minecraft is a fantastic mod pack created by the Hardcore Legends crew. It includes many features that are exclusive to this pack, including custom items with special effects. 

It is an excellent pack for people who enjoy playing through the game’s story, rather than just running around in single-player mode.

Pixelmon Mod

Pixelmon is a mod that Pokemon inspire. It spawns Pokemon into the wild, and players can catch and train them. This pack was created for multiplayer servers where players can battle against each other using their Pokemon. There are hundreds of different types of Pokemon, which means you’ll never get bored of seeing the same ones over and over again.

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The Pixelmon OST adds an excellent soundtrack to this mod pack, along with an in-game radio station that plays the music at random intervals.

This mod pack also adds a bunch of biomes to the game that is exclusive to this pack. Some pretty exciting biomes are added with this mod, including a drippy swamp biome, a new ocean biome, and some good old-fashioned woods.

Sky Factory 2.5

The latest and greatest in the Sky Factory series, this mod pack is a new and updated version of the original Sky Factory Modpack. 

With a wholly overhauled tech tree, some new mods, and new challenges, Sky Factory 2.5 is sure to be a hit for any experienced player who’s looking for a challenge. This mod pack will surely keep you entertained for hours!

You’ll find a wide variety of mods in this pack, including:

Single Player Commands

Makes commands available by pressing a hotkey.


This allows you to access the configs easily.


Let’s create your custom blocks.

Minecraft Comes Alive

Cute and cuddly villagers that live in Minecraft! It also comes with a quest system and relationship system.


It is an excellent mod that allows you to see your exact location in Minecraft. It can be beneficial when you’re traveling through unfamiliar territory. 

Must check:

It’s also helpful when you’re trying to find a specific location in the game. Journeys can be saved and shared with others, making them more desirable than an ordinary map.

Biomes O’ Plenty 

It adds extra biomes to Minecraft, which makes it more exciting and fun to explore. There are new biomes for you to explore, such as the rainforest biome and the ice cave. These biomes add some unique scenery that’s never been seen before in Minecraft gaming.

The Pixelmon Mod OST

Pixel artist Chris Geddes created the Pixelmon OST, and it adds an excellent soundtrack to this pack. It’s a popular and well-made Minecraft soundtrack, by the way.

This mod is a perfect tool for creating a real Pokemon adventure in Minecraft. Pixelmon adds new creatures to the game to capture, train, and battle against your friends. When you explore the world in Pixelmon, you’ll be able to see plenty of buildings from Pokemon games that have been made in Minecraft.


Gameshark is another mod that adds another feature to Minecraft. This feature lets players find special items using a compass and a sextant. It’s an excellent tool for finding rare items and treasures without really trying.


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