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Use Nintendo Pro Controller On Your PC: A Complete Guide

After the game, you can change the control combinations by right-clicking on a game in your library and selecting the Edit > Steam Controller Configuration > Remapping buttons. 

Using the button layout option Nintendo, you can also check that Support for the Switch Controller is enabled and change game buttons when prompted to match the Switch Pro controller. Switching the gamepad control in the game settings to my x360ce layout worked for all games I tried.    

Customize Nintendo Pro Controller Buttons 

You can also customize your controller buttons in-game on Steam. In the Steams menu bar, go to Steam Settings > Controllers > General > Controller Settings and check the box next to Switch Pro Configuration Support and select. 

If you prefer the default Nintendo layout, select Use Nintendo Button Layout. For non-Steam games, the x360CE controller emulator will automatically configure your controller for these games.    

By default, most PC games assume that you use an Xbox controller whose keys are assigned to the Nintendo Pad. However, it is possible to get the Switch to use the Nintendo buttons layout (clockwise x, b, and y) on top of the Xbox controller buttons layout clockwise y / b / a. 

For specific games on Steam, this can be done by clicking on the game title on the main screen and editing the configuration of the Steam controller.    

Nintendo Pro Controller Works With PC

The best way to ensure that your Pro controller works with your PC games is in Steam Big Picture mode, as using a comfortable leaning-back system makes navigation easier. 

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To ensure that everything works in your PC game with the Pro controller, you should use Big Picture Mode, a sofa-friendly reclining menu system that works with gamepads. The use of Big Picture will ensure that Steam controller support, remaps and configuration options for games appear as they should.   

When you open the game on the desktop, support for the Steams controller and redesign of the game and configuration options will not appear as they should.  

Nintendo Pro Controller For Non-Team Games

If you plan to connect the controller for non-team games, plug it into and it will be your controller of choice for marathon sessions. The downside is that some games don’t work with the Pro controller; you can map your keys and set things up, but some games (Portal, for example) don’t work well with it. 

Unfortunately, Nintendo does not provide official drivers for the Switch Pro Controller, so we will no longer connect the controller to our PC and use it immediately, but drivers like ProConxInput should come soon.    

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Once you have set up your controller with your Steam engine, you can play games by connecting it to your PC. Once the system recognizes the controller, your control assignments and latency profiles are stored in the game, and you can make them operational. 

Nintendo Pro Controller Offline Setup

If you want to use the controller offline, plug it in before opening a Steam or Steam game to avoid connection problems.    

Once your Nintendo Switch Pro controller is connected to a PC, you’re ready for the next step: setting up the controller and getting it recognized by Steam. 

The Steam client serves as a central configuration point for you to set up your Switch Pro Controller with built-in Steam compatibility and projects the settings for your games in the case of Steam games. 

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The Game Launcher automatically recognizes the controller when you pair it and plug it into your computer. Still, Steam requires that you enable Steam support to work with your game library.   

Thanks to the added value of full Switch Controller support on Steam, you will be able to play most of your favorite games. You can connect the controller wirelessly or via Bluetooth. 

Nintendo Pro Controller Bluetooth Option

Bluetooth is a bit harder to connect than USB, so we reserve it if you want to use the Pro Controller for games on different platforms such as, Ubisoft’s Uplay Store, or EA Origin.    

Separate it from your Switch by holding the small round button on the top of the controller to the left of the USB-C port. Switch Pro can also connect to a hardware adapter for different gamepads by using the physical sync buttons in your PC menu. 

It works just as well as a PC-friendly Xbox gamepad. It takes a bit of elbow grease to get the Nintendo Switch running with your games, compared to an Xbox controller plugging in, but it’s a great option if you already own a Switch.    

Pull up your Bluetooth settings and start searching for a new device. Then press the small round button on top of the controller to complete the controller again. 

Thanks to Steam’s controller configurator and official support for Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, using the controller with most of your PC games is child play.    

Steam’s built-in controller support has been included in the Nintendo Switch Pro controller since 2018, making usage for Steam games a breeze. Controller support can be added to any game and achieve great results with the Steam controller configuration.   

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