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Third Corona wave to be hit by October, children at greater risk – Govt committee

The third wave is now expected after the second wave of the corona epidemic in the country. In some states, cases of infection are on the rise again.

Meanwhile, an expert committee constituted on the directions of the Union Home Ministry (MHA) has predicted a third wave in the country by October.

The committee constituted under the National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) in its report to the Prime Minister’s Office has termed the third wave as a greater threat to children.

Pediatric facilities are not as per requirement- Committee

According to the committee, there is a shortage of pediatric facilities required to deal with the third wave of the epidemic. Even half of the equipment suitable for treatment after the children are infected, such as doctors, staff, ventilators, ambulances, etc.

The report also raised concerns that the situation could worsen due to inadequate medical facilities and delays in vaccination.

What has the panel recommended?

The report recommends giving priority to vaccination to children suffering from other diseases and paying special attention to disabled people.

The Committee has said that it is very important to give priority to an overall domestic care model, immediate improvement in pediatric capacity, mental health issues among children.

Similarly, corona wards should be reconstituted to stay with children during the treatment of corona infection of the family members of the children.

Why does the committee consider the third wave to be close?

According to the committee, the increase in the R-value or rate of spread of corona infection from 0.9 to 1 in the last week of July is an indication that the third wave is growing rapidly.

Experts have warned that cases of corona infection are currently on the rise in Kerala. The value R there crossed 1.1. It is clear that the third wave has started showing its impact.

How long will the third wave of epidemic come?

The report outlined three scenarios of the third wave. In the first scenario, the situation will remain normal, but in the second scenario the situation will worsen with the new variants and in the third scenario serious results may be there.

In the first scenario, the daily number of infected will reach a higher level of 3.2 lakh in October.

In the second scenario, infection cases can reach five lakh in September itself, and in the third scenario, cases will be hours at the end of October.

Centre allocates Rs 23,000 crore budget to tackle third wave

Union Minister Anurag Thakur on Friday said the Centre has allocated Rs 23,123 crore to deal with the possible third wave in the country.

Thakur said the emphasis is being laid on strengthening pediatric care amid fears that the third wave could adversely affect children.

Similarly, the NITI Aayog Group has also suggested hospitalization of 23 out of every 100 infected persons.

Will children be more at risk?

Experts are divided over the impact of the third wave on children. Some experts believe that it is not a matter of concern if children do not have much impact on infection.

Similarly, other experts say that vaccine deficiency in children will put them at risk.

India in particular approved the first corona vaccine ZyCoV-D for children only last week. It is the world’s first DNA-based vaccine with three doses.

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