Firing at Kabul airport kills an Afghan guard


Unidentified gunmen, Afghan guards, and western security forces opened fire at Kabul airport on Monday, killing an Afghan guard and injuring several others.

This information was given by the German army in a tweet. The situation is currently under control and all the gates of the airport have been closed.

Chaos still persists at Kabul airport

Sources tell us that Kabul airport is still in chaos and hundreds of people have gathered outside the airport to get out of the country.

Taliban militants are trying to maintain order outside the gate while foreign troops are in front with Afghan guards inside the airport.

Several people have died at Kabul airport since the Taliban captured Kabul.

Biden has described it as the hardest operation to evacuate people from Kabul

US President Joe Biden, who is still trying to evacuate his people from Afghanistan, described the evacuation of people from Kabul as the most difficult campaign in history and said he did not know what the end was going to be.

However, he promised to evacuate all Americans safely. He had said that 6,000 US troops have secured Kabul airport, enabling military and civilian aircraft to take off.

Scope of US security will not be expanded

Several US lawmakers had demanded that the US should also expand the security net of troops outside Kabul airport so that more people can reach the airport for flights.

Biden rejected the demand, saying it would not happen and could have unwanted consequences. However, he warned the Taliban that the US will not tolerate attacks on its troops and will take swift and major action.

What is the situation in Afghanistan now?

After the withdrawal of US forces, the Taliban have captured Afghanistan and are in the process of forming their own government. It is his endeavor to form a government that is acceptable to most of the people of Afghanistan and in this regard, his appointments today met former President Hamid Karzai and senior leader Abdullah Abdullah.

The Taliban have made it clear that there will be no democracy in the country.


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