Why are deaths increasing in the country despite a decrease in new COVID-19 cases?


Despite the decline in daily cases of coronavirus in India, the number of deaths is continuously increasing, and 4,329 people died on Monday due to infection. These are the highest number of deaths in a single day so far during the entire epidemic. The number of Deaths is expected to increase further in the coming days. 

Usually, corona patients die two weeks after being found infected, and there is a difference of two weeks between cases and deaths. This means that the deaths that are happening today are happening among those found infected two weeks ago. The country’s affairs peaked two weeks ago, and their peak came 12 days ago. Accordingly, deaths may also peak during the next few days.

The number of daily deaths is projected to increase further in the coming days as many states are adding chronic deaths to official figures. For example, in Maharashtra, 1,019 deaths were shown on Monday, of which 289 occurred between Saturday and Monday, while 227 were from the previous week. The 484 deaths during the last weeks are still to be included in official figures.

More than 300 deaths occurring daily in five states

More than 300 patients die from corona infection on an average daily in five states of the country. These include Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. On Tuesday, 223 deaths also occurred in a small state like Uttarakhand, but more than 80 deaths were from the previous days. There are 12 states in the country in which 100 or more deaths are occurring daily. These include the capital Delhi.

Highest cases in April and highest number of deaths in May

According to the report of the Indian Express, 66,866 people have died of corona infection across the country so far this month, the highest in a month since the onset of the epidemic. Earlier, April was the worst month in terms of the number of new cases and around 70 lakh new cases were reported across the country. The impact of these cases, which came in April, is now being seen.

A total of 2,52,28,996 people have been infected with the coronavirus so far in the country, while 2,78,719 people have lost their lives due to this dangerous virus. On Monday, 2,63,533 new cases of infection with Coronavirus were reported in the country, and a record 4,329 patients died. This was the second consecutive day when less than three lakh new infections were detected. The number of active cases has also come down to 33,53,765.


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