Kerala: Chance of thunder showers in the state


The Central Meteorological Department has warned of thundershowers in the state from today till Monday. Extreme levels of thunderstorms are expected in the hilly region. Extreme levels of thunderstorms are expected between 2 pm and 10 pm.


If the weather is cloudy from 2 pm to 10 pm, avoid playing in the open air or on the terrace, move to a safe building as soon as you see the first sign of lightning, do not go to the terrace or yard to pick up clothes during thunderstorms, and disconnect household appliances.

Close windows and doors, and do not touch or come in contact with metal objects. Also, avoid proximity to electrical appliances and try to avoid using the telephone.

Avoid bathing during thunderstorms. Avoid touching the wall or floor as much as possible indoors. It is dangerous to sit on the terrace or other high places or tree branches during thunderstorms.

Do not stand under trees if outside the house, or park in an open area inside the vehicle and do not touch metal parts. Do not go into the water during a thunderstorm or fly a kite.

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