Alpha News Call Editorial Policy

Editorial Integrity

At Alpha News Call, our mission is to bring to you up-to-date and relevant news from across the nation and around the world. Our goal is to ensure that the information we provide is objective, trustworthy, and accurate.

We are committed to providing information on a wide variety of topics ranging from politics, daily affairs, health, finance, sports, and entertainment to the latest trends in fashion and technology. 

The news and information we provide are factual and unbiased and do not seek to form opinions. We rely on you, our readers, to choose the information that is most appropriate to you and form your own opinions based on the facts provided.

However, we do also publish features, reviews, and opinion pieces by experts in the respective areas. These are meant to help readers looking for expert advice and should not be regarded as the opinion of Alpha News Call as a news provider.

The following sections detail our content policies and procedures.

Editorial Selection of Original Content Published by Alpha News Call

Alpha News Call publishes original content with reference generally to the following criteria:

Relevance: Issues that are relevant primarily to the citizens of the United States and those who reside in the country. Topics include coverage of breaking news in politics, business, health, sports, and more. 

Importance: These include the breaking news and information from beyond the borders of the United States, which is of international significance and of importance to the citizens of our country.

Trends: These include the latest interests in fashion, lifestyle, technology, seasonal interests such as festivals, celebrations, emerging fitness trends, summer and winter health protocols, movies and series, sporting events, viral videos and news, and much more.

Our Content Is Reliable

Alpha News Call stands out as a credible source for the latest news, with 12.1 million monthly readers turning to us for reliable and accurate information.

Our news and feature stories are based on our editors’ selections of the most important and relevant, newsworthy events occurring around the world, every single day. Our editorial team is also responsible for crafting engaging features and opinion pieces on these news events that often contain interviews with the individuals involved and with objective experts who can put the information into context and help the reader make sense of what is happening around the world.

The following features ensure that our content is much more reliable than our competitors:

Code Of Ethics: At Alpha News Call, we have a clear code of ethics and it is our journalistic responsibility to make a clear distinction between news, features, opinion pieces, reference, and other editorial information so that our readers can easily distinguish between independent editorial content and advertorial content.

Independence In Reporting: Alpha News Call maintains exemplary standards of accuracy, fairness, objectivity, responsibility, and independence in its reporting and maintains complete control of its editorial content.

Excellence In Journalism: Alpha News Call upholds the highest standards of excellence in reporting original news for the internet. We choose information only from the most trustworthy sources and are stringent in reviewing and corroborating information from other sources. Our journalists continue to break stories before others and continue to garner awards and recognitions in journalistic excellence.

Editorial Policy for Alpha News Call Editorial Staff

Alpha News Call is one of the leading providers of news and information, serving readers in the United States and around the world. The editorial content created by Alpha News Call is free from bias or influence by sponsors and advertisers.

We have a no-tolerance policy when it comes to influencing our editorial content which is why anyone who serves on the Alpha News Call Editorial staff must fully disclose any potential conflict of interest with any advertiser, sponsor, or vendor.

Alpha News Call also has dedicated staff for the editorial section separate from those dedicated to creating and publishing content for our advertisers and sponsors. No person shall serve on both teams and it is also ensured that no employee from the editorial section shall be asked to perform duties on behalf of an advertiser, sponsor, or vendor.

Each member of the Editorial staff of Alpha News Call is responsible for providing accurate, balanced, and objective accounts of events and issues. Alpha News Call reporters must conscientiously choose subjects for stories and seek out qualified experts to provide commentary. They also seek out objective accounts from individuals involved and from qualified spokespersons for fairness and to provide balance.

Alpha News Call journalists endeavor to provide honest, thorough, and transparent coverage and share a dedication to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Original Content Process

The content that we publish and the news that we feature are determined by our staff of editors, sub-editors, reporters, and journalists. These include the latest breaking news in politics, general affairs, business, health, sports, and entertainment. Our team of experienced journalists, reporters, and editors works with qualified expert consultants in each of these areas, providing the latest updates and detailed analyses, that give our content a fresh perspective not available anywhere else. Each original article is reviewed by our editorial staff and qualified experts before they are published.

Alpha News Call may receive funding from third parties for the creation of original editorial content from the Alpha News Call website and sister publications. In these scenarios, the third party may work with Alpha News Call to choose a general topic that is mutually agreed upon. However, the content will be curated in accordance with our original content process and the third party shall not have any control over it. Such content may receive the attribution “Supported by (name of the third party), during the period that the program is funded by them. However, this attribution does not in any way reflect any influence on the editorial nature of the content.

Each news article or story to be published is first reviewed by the expert consultant in the relevant area, for accuracy, appropriateness, fairness to individuals involved, and transparent and proper characterization of the findings. The content is next reviewed by a sub-editor who edits it for style, diction, punctuation, and readability. Finally, it is reviewed by the Chief Editor before it is approved for publication on the website.

Licensed and Third-Party Content

When Alpha News Call licenses news and reviews from third parties for publication on our site, the senior Editorial editors at Alpha News Call and content strategists review the third-party’s editorial policies and procedures for consistency and compliance with the Alpha News Call Editorial Policies.

Collaborations With Independent Organizations

Alpha News Call often collaborates with independent non-profit organizations and associations with the aim of serving the public by providing knowledge and information on topics relating to health, lifestyle, finance, and technology. We have a specific set of criteria and a clear framework to select and review these organizations before we work with them to create and curate the content on specific topics. Such content is created by the Alpha News Call content team, reviewed and edited by the third party, and then edited and approved by the Alpha News Call editorial staff.

Just as all other Alpha News Call content, collaborative content is also subject to Alpha News Call’s editorial policy and should adhere to standards of accuracy, transparency, objectivity, and balance. To let our readers easily identify this category of content and to learn about the association or organization in collaboration with whom the content is written, we place disclaimers with the name of the organization attached, either at the beginning or end of the page. We also disclose the information if there was sponsorship by third parties who have no control over the content.

Advertising and Sponsored Posts Policies

As described in detail in our Advertising Policy, Alpha News Call accepts advertising and sponsored posts or guest posts on the Alpha News Call news magazine and sister publications from qualified Advertisers. These may include badges, contextual advertising, third-party banners, and content created or provided by an Advertiser (collectively referred to as “Advertising”, “Advertisements”, or “From Our Advertiser”). 

In addition, we also accept “native advertisements” which may appear in the form of thumbnail pictures, text paragraphs, badges, or other types of content or images, and typically appear adjacent to editorial content. These advertisements will, however, be tagged as “Sponsored Post”, “By (our Sponsor)”, “Provided by (our Sponsor)”, or “From (our Sponsor)”. 

Regardless of the category or form of an advertisement, the responsibility for the accuracy and objectivity of their advertising falls on the advertiser and is also subject to Alpha News Call’s Advertising Policy. However, advertising is not reviewed by Alpha News Call staff and is not subject to this Editorial Policy. As such readers are expected to view such content at their discretion.

For information regarding Alpha News Call’s Corrections Policy, please click here.