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Who is Dave Portnoy Girlfriend Silvana Mojica? Age, Net Worth, Instagram, And More

Dave Portnoy is in love with Silvana Mojica and they appeared in public back in March 2022. Before their public appearance together, rumors were swirling over the internet about the duo’s dating news. Now, Silvana Mojica entered the spotlight after their public appearance and she is now mainly known as Dave Portnoy’s girlfriend.

Let us briefly look at Silvana Mojica’s life and more interesting facts. 

Who is Silvana Mojica?

Silvana Mojica is the beautiful new girlfriend of Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy. As per sources, the resounding social media celebrity said that he is deeply involved with her and he often spends more time with his girlfriend Silvana Mojica. 

When we dig a little deeper to explore more about Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend, Silvana Mojica is a best-known and accomplished model by profession. Even though there is no proper information regarding her personal details, as per her LinkedIn profile she is in her early twenties at this moment. 

Who is Dave Portnoy Girlfriend Silvana Mojica

Dave Portnoy’s Girlfriend Silvana Mojica currently works as a profusely amazing social media marketing assistant for an apparel and fashion company in Miami. Before entering the fashion company in Miami, she worked in Atlanta and Orlando. Furthermore, Silvana Mojica attended Valencia College and pursued a BA degree in Marketing from Florida State University. 

When Dave Portnoy spoke recently about his relationship status in the latest episode of The Dave Portnoy Show With Eddie &Co, it went surprisingly viral. He spilled the beans about his personal life and disclosed his current girlfriend Silvana Mojica. He even said “ I have been spending a lot of time with Silvana who you ask me about every week. She just doesn’t like to sleep when she goes out. She is somebody who likes to sweep the floors. She is going to Derby with me, so that’s a big step”.

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When Did The Romance Sparks Bloom?

As per sources, Dave Portnoy and Silvana Mojica’s rumors about something brewing between them started in March of the last year. When some of the outlets published their pictures together when the duo was in Miami, the dating rumor started to swirl around last in March. 

They both had a spectacular night out at hotspot Komodo in Magic City’s Brickell neighborhood and Silvana Mojica shared the beautiful snaps of their night out on social media, which was viewed by many and even made the rumor accurate. So as usual, the hawk-eyed fans assumed that the duo is in a romantic relationship and is enjoying a good night out together. 

So after these rumors, now Dave Portnoy has made it clear that he is in a  relationship with Silvana Mojica. It was actually not a shred of surprising news as the fans were absolutely expecting this official announcement to happen sooner or later. 

Silvana Mojica Height And Weight

Silvana Mojica stands tall at 167 centimeters which is five feet and six inches. And probably she would weigh around 54 kilograms. She has maintained her well-presentable physique through dieting and exercises. Her brown eyes and shining dark brown hair makes her even more ravishing. 

What is Silvana Mojica Net Worth?

Silvana is irrefutably earning a good handful of money from her multiple jobs like modeling and other respective designations. She is leading a splendid life with all the comforts and she is currently working as Social media marketing assistant at Giti Incorporation in Miami Florida United States. So as per sources, the net worth of Silvana Mojica is estimated at approximately $2-3 million USD. 

Moreover, Silvana back in 2021, commercialized for the famous jewelry brand Kasa Karly, and it was such a great moment when her advertisement appeared on the Billboard of time square. 

Does Silvana Mojica Have An Instagram Account?

The answer is a big Yes. Like the other prolific models, Silvana Mojica has an Instagram account and at this time, she had shared 142 posts on her Instagram feed and has followers of 219K. And she has given in her bio “May your real life be as good as it is on Instagram”. 

Moreover, Silvana Mojica is the brand ambassador of a Clothing brand named Fashion Nova. when we have a glance at her Instagram feed, she shared some splendidly beautiful pictures of her from professional photoshoots, and more interestingly a couple of photos with her boyfriend Dave, and some pictures from her travelogue. 

Who is Silvana Mojica’s Parents?

When it comes to family life, she has managed to maintain her personal details under wraps, even after strenuous efforts to know more about it, it was in vain. She has been very keen not to share even the names of her parents on any social media platforms. And Silvana has not shared any photos with her parents, maybe as a gesture to protect their privacy. But Silvana has a sister named Valeria Mojica and pictures of these two enjoying themselves together could be seen. 

Who is Dave Portnoy?

Dave Portnoy is a businessman, popular television personality, internet face, and social media star who hails from the United States of America. He has a colossal fan following on Instagram and he often gave pizza reviews through his show named One Bite with Davey pageviews

Who is Dave Portnoy

Does Silvana Mojica Ex-boyfriend?

As per sources, Silvana Mojica was previously involved with Connor McKenzie. More details about who was Connor is unknown, but when we scroll through the Facebook page of Silvana Mojica, we could see many pictures of Connor McKenzie. Now she has opted to say in the limelight as her new dating life has been swirling around the internet. 

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