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Alexandra Cooper Net Worth- Is She Rich? Bio, Career, Early Life

Alexandra Cooper the unbearably exquisite and intriguing podcaster on Spotify is a highly acknowledged podcaster in the world for her invigorating works in the media field. Alexandra Cooper garnered much recognition and fame through her podcast ‘Call Her Daddy’ which is regarded as one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

So let us have a walkthrough of her career and early life. 

Alexandra Cooper Early Life

Alexandra Cooper was born on August 21, 1994, on the outskirts of Newtown, Pennsylvania. Following her early life, she worked as an on-air studio anchor with Dirty Water Media in early 2016. Alexandra Cooper was a compelling soccer star during her days at Boston University and her team managed to win the title of Patriot League in 2014. 

Alexandra Cooper Net Wort

Alexander Cooper was born to Bryan and Laurie and her father was a resounding hockey player who served on the famous Men’s Hockey Roster of the University of Wisconsin. 

Alexandra Cooper Net Worth

Alexandra Cooper is highly acknowledged for her podcasts on Spotify and has managed to garner hordes of fans across the globe. She got the opportunity to sign an exclusively remarkable deal with Spotify worth $60 million. This deal made the beautiful Alexandra Cooper one of the richest podcasters of her contemporaries. 

As per her deal with Spotify Alex Cooper aka Alexandra Cooper earns a minimum of $20 million per year in order to host the show and it will vary according to the variety of downloads during the duration. Moreover, as per reports, Alex has paid a little bit into real estate and bought a mansion in Studio City, California for $11 million. 

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Alexandra Cooper Career Beginnings

Alexandra Cooper worked in several fields before becoming famous for co-hosting the ‘Call Her Daddy’. She attended Boston University after receiving a scholarship and soon she realized her interest her keen interest in connecting to audiences and content creation. Alexandra pursued an apt job as per aptitude and she received her first job in media in 2016.  

She co-hosts the show alongside the radio host Sofia Franklyn and their podcast garnered umpteen following on the Barstool Sports podcast network. For a certain period, the podcast garnered overt popularity among the other shows.

But quite unexpectedly when the co-host Sofia Franklyn left the show in the middle of 2020 when a contract negotiation broke out, and the show was left all alone in the hands of Alexandra Cooper. 

The contract negotiation between Sofia, Alexandra, and Barstool garnered quite much attention at that time. As per reports, the duo, Sofia, and Alex desperately wanted to extract themselves from the bond that they signed with the Barstool. 

The duo was paid $75,000 per year and if each of the episodes crosses their average level of an audience then they could be bestowed with a raise in the amount of $2,500. But the feud and the friction were burning up and Sofia and Alex were in protest and they decided not to record the show for quite some days. 

When the contract issue became quite controversial in order to resolve the conundrum David Portnoy, the Barstool founder revealed that he tried to make amendments with the duo and offered them six-digit salaries. And he offered them a route so that they regain their IP. After many negotiations, Sofia decided to quit the show and happened to launch her own podcast named Sofia with an F. 

After the extraction of the deal from Barstool, Alexandra Cooper got an opportunity from Spotify. On June 21, 2021, she signed an exclusive deal with Spotify for over $60 million and it really made a huge impact on her career. So now Alexandra Cooper is regarded as one of the richest podcasters in the world. 

Alexandra Cooper Personal Life

Alexandra Cooper aka Alex was maintaining a low profile when it comes to her dating life. But as per sources, she was romantically involved with Noah Syndergaard, who is one of the astounding Major League Baseball pitchers. But it seems that they had parted ways for their own good and recently it is clear that she has been in a relationship with Matt Kaplan, one of her fellow podcasters and producer. 

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Alexandra Cooper-FAQs

  • Who is Alexandra Cooper?

Alexandra Cooper is intriguing and beautiful, and one of the richest podcasters who is famous for her ‘Call Her Daddy’ on Spotify. 

  • What is the net worth of Alexandra Cooper?

The estimated net worth of Alexandra Cooper is $98 million, and her exclusive deal with Spotify really made her one of the most highly remarkable podcasters in the world. 

  • Is Alexandra Cooper married?

No, Alexandra Cooper is not married and as per reports, she is recently romantically involved with Matt Kaplan. 

  • Where is Alexandra Cooper from?

Alex aka Alexandra cooper hails from Newtown, Pennsylvania. 

  • How tall is Alexandra Cooper?

Alexandra Cooper has a well attractive physical stature and she stands tall at 5 feet and 5 inches, 165 centimeters. 

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