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Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Release Date, Where To Watch, Recap, And More

Chainsaw man episode 12 is all set to hit on Wednesday, 28th December 2022, at 12.00 AM JST, and people across the globe who is ready to watch the upcoming 12th episode are in deep anticipation to let know where the plot takes them to. A plethora of fans are avidly waiting to know what happens to their favorite Aki, Denji, Power, and others and how deadly promising would be the conclusion.

So let us dwell more into the preview and the release date

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Release Date

Chainsaw man series became a phenomenal series when it hit the home screens of people across the globe and beyond what they have anticipated it garnered a tremendous amount of love and acknowledgment from the world. So the waited episode 12 of the series is all set to release on December 28, 2022, at 12.00 AM JST and there would be a slight time difference between episode 12 in Japan. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Release Date

even if the timings vary across the globe the release date is fixed, and it’s just a matter of two days from now on. Moreover, most international viewers across the world can watch it on December 27, 2022, on Tuesday itself. Now it’s all set to go and we can expect nothing less. 

Where To Watch Chainsaw Man Episode 12?

The resounding series would be streaming on Hulu in the United States whereas in other countries it would be available on Crunchyroll and Amazon Prime Video. These platforms are one of the highly go-to platforms of people across the globe and December 28, 2022, would give more sparkling to these OTT platforms with the arrival of the Chainsaw man episode. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 Recap

The opening scene of episode 11 is where we can see the future Devil coming out of the shadows. The devil is somewhat intimidating because of his half-human and half-tree body and an eye in his torso. In order to make it even more nail-biting the Future Devil widely opens his arms and shouts “the future rules” umpteen times. 

Following his announcement, the future devil asks Aki to join him in dancing, but Aki vehemently defies his requests, and moreover, he asks Aki to put his head in his stomach so that he could see what would be his future and what awaits him. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Release Date And Preview

Soon, the future devil understands Aki’s contract and tells Aki that he is looking forward to staying in the right eye of Aki. He overthrows this demand as a price for letting Aki use his power. The future devil persuades Aki and tries to manipulate him so that he could see his future and how he dies. But Aki is not that easy to be persuaded and he declines the offer without any delay and he offers his right eye. 

Aki is so determined and focused on annihilating his targets and in the meanwhile Power and Denji are trying their level best to train harder to be capable enough. As a part of the newly formed Division of four, Kishibe tries to let them know that they are all set to go on a mission. 

The secret mission is later unfolded and it is to take out Akane and Katana Man. the new mission is a deadly one and it is actually a test where if they fail they would be probably killed. But Denji tells Kishibe that he won’t let destroy a single chance to hook up with Makima because he is really looking forward to having a chance desperately. 

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But things took another turn when Kishibe meets Makima for having dinner together and discuss Denji and Power’s progress. Kishibe added that she already knew about the attack and was helpless and didn’t do anything to thwart the incident from happening. 

As she is on the humanity side there is no point to stop her from doing what she plans but in the meanwhile, Akane and Katana Man hide somewhere in the building and trying not to catch the eyes of Makima. And soon after that, they decided to go with their plan and kill the remaining public safety devil hunters. 

When they all are set to go ahead with their plan, Akane warns her team to be careful not to get bitten by the Zombies out there surrounding the building. But Yutaro tries to pull his legs off Aki thinking that he is capable of killing the Gun Devil. But Aki staunchly believes that his beliefs are the driving force in his life. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Release Date And Preview Where To Watch

Moreover, Makima inquires about everyone who was involved in the incident and Makima threatens family members she tells them if they help her to figure out all the names she would give back the eyes of the family members. Toward the end of episode 11, the police surround the building where Akane and Katana Man, and Khisibe warn the police to approach a different tackle because most of them are not humans. 

They form four divisions to go with their plan to annihilate the enemies and Aki Finally locates Akane and summons the Snake Devil. And out of the blue the Ghost devil which the snake devil spits outs attacks Aki, but bestowed with the power of future devil Aki attacks and dodges the attack. But unfortunately, Aki was caught by one of the Ghost Devil’s hands and episode 11 comes to an end when Aki is strangled by the Ghost Devil. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Preview

The new upcoming episode will depict how far Denji and Power have come this far after their bewildering encounter with Katana Man. since the last episode demonstrated Aki was strangled by the Ghost Devil and the upcoming episode will unveils what happens to Aki. so undoubtedly episode 12 would be a mass thriller medley of visual feasts and we can see how Akane and Katana Man will fight the newly formed intimidating division four. 

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 Release Date And Preview

The much-awaited episode of Chainsaw man would hit their audiences within a matter of days and it would be a great visual feast and could expect a promising conclusion. 

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