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Who Is Jade Ramey? Is She The New Woman In Diddy’s Life?

It appears that Diddy is in pursuit of another woman in his love life and it seems that he has already found that in Jade Ramey. This new dating life has not been long ago, but indeed a matter of a few days or weeks. The young and vibrant rapper of the industry recently became father to his seventh child and now he has been spotted with a young beautiful horribly attractive woman in a public space.

So without any delay let us have a brief look at who is this new young lady that has stolen the rapper’s attention and time. 

Who Is Jade Ramey?

Jade Ramey is a beautiful Instagram model and a podcaster. As per her Instagram account, she had been a talented and influencing Instagram model and the new lovely pair was snapped during a breezy night out at a restaurant called Nobu. 

As per sources, it is quite riveting that Diddy, whose real name is Sean Combs was recently involved with Shawntya prior to four days of his date with Jade Ramey. When we dig a little deeper, Jade Ramey is one of the riveting hosts of a podcast show named Free Game Podcast and she has claimed recognition mainly through this way in the industry. The podcasts of Jade Ramey are available on numerous platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube, and Facebook. 

Jade Ramey has around one million followers on her Instagram and she had posted 1,322 posts on her feed which is viewed by millions from different worlds. So when we have a walkthrough of her profile, she posted various photos of her travel diaries and snaps with her lovely friends and family. 

We could only extract these pieces of information about this young and charismatic model since she is on her way to great stardom. After the new pair was snapped kissing each other, the hawk-eyed people were frantically running to know more about this new lady in town with the resounding rapper. So apart from this information, there is nothing more about her early life or personal life over the internet. 

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Diddy’s Recent Involvement With Shawantya Joseph

It has been approximately four days prior to his latest outing with Jade Ramey, that the American resounding rapper Diddy aka Sean Combs was snapped with Shawantya Joseph in New York City, one of the most mesmerizing places in the world. 

Diddy’s recent involvement with Shawantya Joseph

Shawantya Joseph is also one of the riveting and terrifically hot media influencers and the pair were photographed holding hands. Moreover, the two of them twinned in pure black outfits and as per reports, the two were finding it really difficult to keep their sparkling eyes off each other. The two of them were extremely cozy and were starving for a conversation and for an intimate time while they were outing New York City. 

So within a matter of four days, Diddy’s eyes met another woman and now they have been snapped together. As we all know Diddy is an ardent follower of polyamorous relationships and he has been involved with umpteen women in his life and is the father of seven children. 

Diddy Recently Welcomes His Seventh Child!

Recently the mother of his seventh child was disclosed and the piece of news was crammed over the internet. Diddy welcome his cute little daughter on October 15, 2022, and the highly acclaimed rapper took two months to break the news through his social media platform. After the news broke out about the arrival of a new member of his family, people were really running like headless chickens to know about the mother of his child. 

So when the birth certificate of the baby was exposed to the media outlets the answer to umpteen questions was finally revealed. The mother of Diddy’s seventh child was Dana Tran who was a cybersecurity officer from Southern California. But more details about how these two met and vivid details regarding their relationship are quite unknown. 

Diddy is irrefutably one of the astounding rappers of his time who has a net worth estimated at 1 billion. He is best and most popularly known by the different stage names he has including Daddy, P.Diddy, and Puffy. 

We are all quite knowledgeable about his polyamorous relationship with Yung Miami who is also one of the most talented rappers in the industry. They both publicly asserted their no strings attached relationship. So when the news of Diddy becoming a new father for the seventh time people across the globe were really looking forward to knowing the response of Yung Miami. But as subtle as it may sound she is not even bothered about having multiple relationships simultaneously because it was what they meant about being in a polyamorous relationship. 

So now after welcoming his seventh child, Diddy is back to his new dawn of love life and is trying to have more relationships that please him than sticking to one for life. 

Beyond his personal matter, Diddy is a wonderful father and the latest news that is trending over the internet is that he had gifted his twin daughters two luxury cars on their sixteenth birthday. It was such great and exhilarating news that Diddy gifted 

his beloved daughters’ range rovers,  whom he shares with his ex Kim Porter who took an untimely death. Amidst his fluctuating dating life, Diddy never fails to show his affection and love to his seven children who are the pillars of strength in his life. 

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