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Drew Griffin Death: Veteran CNN Investigates Journalist Drew Giffin Dead At 60

Drew Griffin was irrefutably one of the phenomenally exceptional writers who could craft his stories compelling and must-see stories, died on December 17, 2022. His untimely earthly departure at the age of sixty was quite repugnant to the whole world where he was loved so much because of his inexplicable talent as CNN investigate journalists. He was indeed the connoisseur of journalism in its true form and was highly acknowledged for his brave stories that lighted up the world. With a leaden heart let us have a deep look at the life and cause of his death in detail. 

Drew Griffin At A Glance

Drew Griffin one of the epitomai of inexplicable expertise in journalism took an untimely death which was absolutely a piece of soul-crushing news to the world. Drew Griffin was born on October 21, 1962, and he was in his sixties at the time of his demise. 

Veteran CNN Investigates Journalist Drew Giffin Dead At 60

Undeniably Drew Griffin, the vociferous American journalist, is highly known for his work at CNN, the American cable news channel. Drew Griffin was born on the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois. He attended the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and he pursued communications. Before he extended his wings in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Washington he kick off his career at WICD-TV in Illinois. 

After this Drew Griffin served as a prolific investigative reporter for long ten years at CBS 2 News in Los Angeles. After his long career at CBS2, Drew Griffin joined CNN in early May 2004. 

One of his ever remembered story coverage was in September 2005, when he covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His strong and precise reports led to a police investigation and he asserted the looting of some police officers. Furthermore Drew also tried to shed light on stories about nursing home deaths after Hurricane Katrina. For this brave investigation, Drew Griffin was the recipient of the Peabody award. 

Drew Griffin has won an Emmy award for business and financial reporting that entails the report on a fault in Ford Motor company which really caused their cars to catch fire which was a big issue at that time. His second shot to receive an Emmy award was in 2006 for CNN. Drew Griffin presented a riveting documentary titled How to Rob a Bank. 

Drew Griffin Death

One of the great remarkable story coverage in the history of his life was when he vehemently broke the story about the unapologetic scandal of hidden deaths at VA hospitals across the country.  He was awarded another Peabody award for this brave discovery. Drew Griffin got the opportunity to travel the world and he was so dedicated and committed to what he does he even covered the nerve-writhing Somalia’s famine. 

Drew Griffin garnered his fourth Emmy award for Trump University Fraud, his investigative coverage that unveiled the fraudulent practices behind Donald Trump’s real estate school. 

Drew Griffin is survived by his beloved wife Margot, his three children, and his grandchildren. He was surrounded by his family at the time of his death, in his home situated in Atlanta metropolitan area. 

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Drew Griffin Cause Of Death Explained!

As per sources, Drew Griffin was battling cancer for quite a long. More details regarding his health history are not quite in handy. His fellow companion from CNN Drew Griffin never appreciated disclosing his health issues to anyone and he was such an admirable colleague who worked till his death on Saturday. 

More details regarding what type of cancer he was diagnosed with or what stage was he, in are all up in the air. Drew Griffin was pretty reticent to talk about matters, especially when it comes to his health. His mourning family sought privacy at this time and neither his wife nor children haven’t spoken yet about the actual history related to his health that deteriorated. 

Tributes Were Overpoured

When the deafening sad news broke out, Drew Griffin’s colleagues really had a profound impact. Following the next day, they cannot see Griffin was something they never envisaged. 

The anchor on CNN This Morning, Don Lemon reminisced about the lost soul who was so near and dear to him. He paid his heartfelt respect and condolences to Drew Griffin and at a certain point became temperamental and was searching for words to express the grief and despair. 

The Chief Executive Officer of CNN, Chris Licht paid his deepest respect and said

“Drew’s death is a devastating loss to CNN and our entire profession. A highly acclaimed investigative journalist, Drew’s work had an incredible impact and embodied the mission of this organization in every way”. 

According to Drew, he gave predominant value to people more than prizes. When we take his travel as an investigative journalist into account which spans two long decades, he has passionately worked on more than hundreds of stories and documentaries which really had a remarkable role in the world that prompted the change. 

Drew Griffin was totally immersed in work ethics and none of the matters in the world could ever stand as an encumbrance to not make things happen. Later when the unexpected death of Drew Griffin the Executive Vice President of CNN, Michael Bass stated his deep respect for Griffin. He said

“Fearless and artful at the same time, he knew how to push a story toward its limits, but also tell it in a way that would make everyone understand. It was an honor to be his colleague and to be witness to his work and the ways it changed the world”. 

Drew Griffin was completely different from others because of his ways with words that really had a tremendous impact. Even for posterity, he is such a great example and epitome of courage and unimpeachable character. 

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