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‘It’s Curtain Call Time’: BTS Jin Emotional Farewell Today

Today Jin Joined the 5th Division’s boot camp in Cheongsan-myeon gun, Gyeonggi-do at around 1 pm on 13 December, all the other BTS members were with him bidding him an emotional farewell.

Latest Weverse Update- Military Enlistment, Insider Details You Need To Know!

After Hybe Entertainment initially announced that BTS “World Wide Handsome” Jin will soon join the military, fans across the globe have been distraught. With his cute smile and handsome face, the star has requested the fans to wait for him while he is gone to perform his military service. His latest single, The Astronaut, is a special song to all Army across the globe.

'It's Curtain Call Time' BTS Jin Emotional Farewell Today

Recently Hybe again took to their social media page to request the fans to not visit the enlistment site, as a commotion may disturb the star as well as the others who are enlisting the same day. For the same reason, the day and time of Jin’s enlistment will be kept a secret from the public.

Bts jin took to his Weverse account to show off his buzz cut, meaning the star will join the military service shortly and today finally the day has come, Jin posted on his Wevesre that The photo of Jin has gone viral as fans were eagerly waiting to see the star in his military look. 

Are the fans ready to let them go? Army’s around the world have taken to their social media to promise their favourite star that they will eagerly wait for his comeback, everyone is sending his wishes and prayers.

Below is the full official statement released by Hybe Entertainment to the fans and public:



We are informing you regarding BTS Jin’s military enlistment.

Jin will be enlisting in the army as an active-duty soldier to fulfill his military duty. As we have announced before, there is no separate official event on the day of admission to the recruit training center.

On the day of, the site is expected to be very crowded with enlisting soldiers, family members, and some fans. We ask the media to please refrain from visiting the site.

In order to prevent safety accidents caused by on-site congestion, Jin will enter the grounds of the recruit training center while in a vehicle without greeting the media or fans separately. Due to the nature of the venue, we ask for your understanding that there is no separate waiting space for reporters.

The agency will not spare its efforts and continued support until the day Jin fulfills his military service duties and returns in good health.

Thank you.

Here Are Some Fun Facts About Kim Seok-Jin

  • Jin was so handsome that he used to receive around 16 roses on valentines day, even though he was in an all-boys school.
  • Members of Bts once said that Jin has the longest legs in the group.
  • Army’s call Jin the “ FAKE MAKNAE” because even though he is the eldest he acts like the youngest.
  • Jin was an introvert during his teen years, he mostly preferred to be alone.
  • SM Entertainment was the first entertainment giant to notice Jin, but he choose Big Hit instead.
  • Jungkook, the youngest member decided to stay back in the group because of Jin, who took care of him like an elder brother.
  • Though Jin is a picky eater even though he is an expert cook and cooks almost everything.
  • Jin is a big eater and can eat about 600 grams of meat at once.
  • Jin and his dad’s jokes are very famous among the members of the Army.
  • Jin uses his feet to do chores, he was once seen ripping paper with his feet.
  • Jin’s first album, which he bought with his own money is Girls Generation-Gee
  • Jin loves strawberries but hates food that is strawberry flavors.

After the huge speculation rounds about BTS military enlistment, the fans have finally got their answers. 

According to sources, Jin will be followed by Suga who will probably enlist by March next year.RM and Jhope may enlist together and finally be followed by Jimin, V, and Jungkook. 

All 7 members will complete their mandatory service and meet their fans by the end of 2025.

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