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Who Is Andre Bing? Walmart Mass Shooter Death Note Revealed

It is pretty obnoxious that the count of serial killings is way too increasing in the world. A similar case happened where a man named Andre Bing shot and ruthlessly killed six of his co-workers on November 23, 2022. So let us catch a glimpse of this nerve-writhing crime.

Who is Andre Bing?

Andre Bing a thirty-one-year-old man is the Walmart night crew supervisor who allegedly killed six of his colleagues during the night shift. The incident happened on November 23, 2022, on Tuesday and he was acting like a deranged man who was in a vindictive mode.

Andre Bing

He had no other previous history of convictions, but this massacre has surely given the way to imprisonment. He was a man of a demure attitude and was likely to be easily vulnerable. Furthermore, he left a suicide note and the police found it on his cellphone. 

What Happened In Walmart?

As per reports, Andre Bing has been a laughing stock in front of his colleagues every time possible. He had to endure many hardships and innuendos from them and he was suppressing all the hatred inside him for quite a long.

But things took a pretty downturn when his colleagues said that he is like Jeffrey Dahmer, who was one of the most ruthless serial killers in history. The life story of Jeffrey Dahmer was documented in the Netflix series and it was highly regarded. 

Walmart Mass Shooter Death Note Revealed

So when the so-called colleagues compared Andre Bing to one of the merciless serial killers he was totally offended. He was working the night shift, and the Walmart was situated in Chesapeake, Virginia. Moreover, Andre Bing also addresses his colleagues in a derogatory way he often refers to them as ‘idiots with low intelligence.

These colleagues of Andre Bing always found their way to torment and harass him. The evil twister grins the colleagues gave him and he was really suffering with all these, and finally, they sense the finitude of his limits. 

He was left with no option but to burst out and he did that but in a pretty obnoxious manner. No one ever expected that he will last out in such a way that he will kill all of them without any remorse. The way the colleagues behaved was not satisfactory but to kill them for it was way too difficult to comprehend. 

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As per reports, after the massacre that happened the night at Walmart, police rushed to the crime scene and found the victims and the dead body of  Andre Bing. The related details indicate that Andre Bing was planning to shoot them for quite a while before the night after he was completely fueled in utmost rage when he was compared to the cannibalistic killer of history Jeffrey Dahmer.

Everyone in the country and now across the globe would be familiar with this name since he was a sensational case in history and the Netflix documentation really gave exposure to who this ruthless monster was.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed seventeen innocent people and was evading the law for long period. So being compared to one of the ruthless killers would really fuel his suppressed hatred and he soon became a vile man with vengeance. 

The police stated that Andre Bing bought a nine-millimeter pistol, which he managed to buy legally from a store the same day of the shooting. The police officers found the paperwork, receipt, and ammunition related to the gun purchase when they searched Andre Bing’s residence.

Within minutes of the attack being reported, Police responded to the unexpected shooting that happened. It was the days of happiness, that days were short for thanksgiving and for the holiday shopping season, but everything became in jeopardy. 

Police found the dead body of a sixteen-year-old boy was something too appalling. The six victims were honored in a vigil Thursday night and their bereaving family was in deep grief and despair. 

The police officers stated that when we dwell in the background of Andre Bing, we cannot trace any sort of previous criminal history. But he died at the scene and it seems that it was a self-inflicted gunshot. 

The Death Note Of Andre Bing Is Revealed!

A suicide note was recovered on Andre Bing’s cellphone and it was found by the police. The notes recovered, disclosed the strong complaints that Andre Bing had about his co-workers and provided a glance at his strong and potential motives for this massacre. 

When we dig into the note that Andre Bing had left it had some references to God, and the Holy Spirit and he vehemently describes the struggles that he had to face at the hands of his co-workers. He was somewhat of a weird man with a vile attitude.

In the note, he added that he was driven by satanic power and the boiling rage helped him to kill these colleagues. As per reports two of the victims are being treated in the hospitals and the condition of one person is pretty serious and the other is recuperating. 

Walmart said in a statement that

“There is nothing that can justify taking innocent lives. Our focus continues to be on the families who are grieving and supporting our associates through this difficult time”.

So this is really a piece of unpleasant news to the country where people are on a killing spree and without any remorse, they have embarked on a journey to kill people for their personal motives.

Even if the victims really tried to make fun of Andre Bing, he should not have killed them for it. Killing someone is way too diabolic and how a person brings themselves to do such a nasty crime is incomprehensible. 

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