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Kris Wu Net Worth- Know More About Chinese-Canadian Star Bio, Career 

Kris Wu is one of the resounding Chinese- Canadian former rappers, singers, actors, and models who had hordes of fans across the globe for his enthralling performances. Highly intriguing and handsome rapper of his time he has managed to make his career prominent within the blink of an eye. So let us have a brief check on his life and career.

Kris Wu Biography

Wu Yi Fan is best known and acknowledged by his professional name Kris Wu was born on November 6 1990 in Guangdong, China. He was a former member of the band named Exo, a South Korean boy band he later left the group.

Kris Wu Net Worth

Hip Hop and R&B are the genres he focused on and have garnered several box-office hits. His parents are Stacey Yu Wu and Li Kaiming. He has no siblings and more details about his family are not quite handy. He moved from his birth country to Canada at the age of ten. 

Kris W Net Worth

Kris Wu has managed to make his space in the realm where there are numerous performers standing in line. Having immeasurable talents in being one of the prolific rappers and singers he has managed to make his wealth profound. So the estimated net worth of this young and vibrant rapper is $9 million. Much of his wealth is acquired from his music career other than any business ventures.

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Kris W Early Life

Born to Stacey Yu Wu and Li Kaiming Kris Wu was living with his family on the outskirts of china. But his life became miserable at a very early stage in his life as his parents got divorced and he became the only responsibility of his mother. 

Kris Wu and his mother moved to Vancouver, Canada when he was only ten years old. After spending four years he came back to China and for a small period of time, he attended Guangzhou No.7 Middle School. After studying for a quiet period of time in china Kris Wu and his mother again moved to Canada and he attended Point Grey Secondary School and Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School under a new name, Kevin Li. 

After studying and struggling he finally makes it to eighteen years old and he auditioned for SM Entertainment’s Canadian global auditions. So after overcoming the impediments he was selected as a trainee and later he got the opportunity to be a member of Exo in 2012.   

Kris Wu Career Beginnings

After getting selected in Exo in 2012, he was introduced to the industry as the eleventh member of the group. After making his debut in April 2012, within the blink of an eye, he became one of the most deadly talented K-Pop groups in South Korea and thereby achieving commercial success internationally with their riveting studio album named XOXO. along with this album, their Growl song became one of the masterpiece items of the band and received numerous accolades.

This masterpiece album was regarded as the first album by a Korea-based artist in the long twelve years to sell over one million copies. This album became the cornerstone of the best-selling album of all time in the history of Korea. 

In 2014, Kris Wu also featured in another album titled Overdose, the next resounding venture of Exo and not surprisingly it became the best-selling album of 2014. 

His solo debut began in the year of 2014, he released Time Boils the Rain and he was so highly acknowledged by audiences beyond the limits of language. Because of his amazing talents, Kris Wu became the handsome youngest celebrity to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds Shanghai. 

In 2017, Kris Wu got the opportunity to perform in Valerian and the city of a thousand planets which was a science fiction movie by Luc Besson. This was a kickstart in his acting career. Following the year in 2017, Kris Wu released another shot named Deserve and Travis Scott got featured in it.

Surprisingly Deserve peaked at number one on the US iTunes chart and this achievement made Kris Wu the only Chinese artist to conquer the feat. moreover, his other film shot includes Europe Raiders, a Hong-Kong made action thriller in 2018. 

In 2019, Kris Wu releases his other single milestone named Big Bowl, Thick Noodle and it was not surprisingly another hit. His live tour programs across china were worth mentioning. 

Kris Wu Personal Life

The dating life of Kris Wu is not available since he has maintained his private dating life private. But albeit his success as an amazing singer and rapper, he was no stranger to controversies and legal issues. 

In 2014 Kris Wu filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to revoke his contract and disputes were happening between the industry and Kris. 

Sexual abuse cases were something quite repugnant to his fans across the globe. One of the college students from China posted online accusing Kris Wu of sexual assault. He was involved with multiple females most of them are underage and he assaulted her when they were inebriated. 

The allegation was vehemently opposed by Kris Wu and then the girl was investigated by the Beijing public security Bureau. This case really took a toll on his career and many companies including, Porsche, Bulgari, and Lancome and these companies decided to cut ties with Kris Wu and revoked his as a brand ambassador and he was suspended from his several endorsements. 

On July 31, 2021, the Beijing police detained Kris Wu and he was arrested formally arrested on August 16, 2021, under the charge of suspicion of rape. November 25, 2022, the court ruled that Kris Wu has been found guilty was sentenced to thirteen long years in prison. He was sentenced for rape and group lewdness. His career was at steep and because of his demeaning behavior he just made it sink into the deep ocean. 

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Kris Wu Awards And Nominations

  • Esquire Man at his Best awards for Newcomer of the year in 2014
  • He won Sohu Fashion awards for Asian Fashion Icon of the year in 2014
  • Sina 15th Anniversary award for Outstanding Youth Award 
  • He was nominated for 22nd Beijing College student film festival for Best new actor
  • He won the 3rd China international Film festival for Best new actor in 2015
  • Asian influence awards for Most Infulential Male God
  • NetEase Attitude Awards for Idol with most attitude on the silver screen
  • Sina Weibo awards for Strong New Actor
  • Fresh Asia award for Most Influential Male singer of the year
  • The 10th Migu music award for Most popular Male singer of the year. 

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