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LOONA’s Agency Announces Chuu’s Removal From The Group

Loona is the riveting and resplendent South Korean girl group that was formed by Blockberry Creative. The intriguing group came to the public domain by having a pre-debut project in October 2016, consisting of twelve members. The latest news related to the vastly acknowledged group is the revoke of one of the members of the group. So let us check what really happened within the group.

The Revoke Of Chuu From Loona

As per reports, Chuu, one of the intriguing singers of the group Loona has been rescinded from the title that she holds and it was issued by the agency of this girl group, BlockBerry Creative. The reason they have put forth for this sudden action is the demeaning behavior from the singer’s side to one of the staff members which was truly unapologetic. This sort of behavior cannot be appreciated, as it would really affect the group’s reputation. 

LOONA’s Agency Announces Chuu’s Removal From The Group

The statement given by BlockBerry Creative reads

Chuu will be expelled and withdrawn as a member of LOONA as of November 25, 2022. However, recently we were told of Chuu’s verbal abuse and power-trip tendencies toward our staff. After an investigation, we discovered the truth. Our agency staff are apologizing and comforting the affected staff members”

Back in June, there aroused rumors regarding Chuu singing under another agency, but BlockBerry Creative denied all those rumors and they asserted that is absolutely groundless. But now what Chuu did is quite repugnant according to the policies of the agency and without any given notice she was expelled.

The agency has apologized for this sudden action, and this revoke will make the members fall into eleven. Until the end, the members of the group will not have a reduction or addition but since it was imperative to take this decision the agency has sought their heartfelt forgiveness. 

The use of violent language and misuse of her power and reacting to other staff members in a derogatory way is not something to let slide. So without any delay, when the issue became quite the topic, the agency through an investigation finalized that what Chuu has done is absurdly wrong and she is not entitled to have any warnings but rather to be revoked. 

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Who Is Chuu?

Kim Ji-Woo who is professionally known by the name Chuu is one of the most interesting and enthralling South Korean singers and an intriguing television personality. Now Chuu would be regarded as the former member of the highly remarkable girl group Loona. Chuu aka Kim Ji-Woo was born on October 20, 1999, and she is in her golden vibrant age of twenty-three. 

Who Is Chuu

The predominant allegation in her career would be her pugnacious behavior and thereby inviting troubles in her life. The Loona group revealed Chuu as the tenth member of the group on December 14, 2017. Following the month of December, she released her self-titled album. Dating class is the web drama in which Chuu made her debut appearance. 

She received APAN Music awards for Idol Champ Entertainer female in 2020 and was nominated for Brand of the year awards for Entertainer idol of the year female in 2021. 

The Loona Group

An amazing and resounding South Korean group of girls was created by BlockBery Creative and had a remarkable role in the industry beyond the language barrier. In 2016, October the group came forward to the public domain where the members of the group were revealed in a periodic fashion. 

Their debut performance as a full ensemble was in 2018 and they came up with a lead single title track, named Favorite and Hi High. K-pop and J-pop are the genres the groups hold and the spinoffs are, Loona ⅓. Loona Odd Eye Circle, and Lonna yyxy. Jaden Jeong was the creative director of the group and he served till August 2019. He had to part ways with the group because of the indifferences between the company. 

The Revoke Of Chuu From Loona

So each member of the group was revealed and they all performed their respective singles which really gave wide exposure to the world beyond the language barrier. So after releasing the singles for quite a long, the official debut as a fully power-packed ensemble was with the release of an extended play named (++).

The title track of the album was Favorite and Hi High. This track surprisingly peaked at South Korea’s Goan album chart and it was highly regarded as the second best-selling debut album by a girl group. 

The first enthralling appearance of Loona in the United States was in 2019, in Los Angeles performing at KCON. in 2020, in February the Loona announced their riveting second EP named (#) and it entails a title track So What. This title track also peaked at number one on the daily Goan Retail album chart. 

They made their Japanese debut on September 15 and as per reports, Loona releases the double A-side single Hula Hoop/ Star Seed. 

The members of the Loona group include HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, YeoJin, ViVi, Kim Lip, JinSoul, Choerry, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye. since Chuu is expelled there are only eleven members in the group. 

The group won a plethora of awards and nominations including, the Asia Artist Award for STAR NEWS popularity award(girl group), the Asia Model Award for Popularity award, the Brand Customer Loyalty award for Female Idol Rising star, and for Hot Trend female idol group award, Genie Music awards for Global popularity award, the top artist award, etc.

The group won the Korea First Brand awards for Female Rookie idol award in 2019, MTN Ad Festival awards for Commercial Star Rookie award, MTV European music awards for a Best Korean act. 

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