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An Overview Of 2022 Streaming Trends

For the past few years, people have shifted to online streaming, enjoying the varieties that were otherwise restricted to traditional streaming options like movie theatres. Now, we have many popular streaming platforms and millions of active users who don’t shy away from investing their time and money in them.

If we see the past data records, there is a steep growth in the number of online streaming users and the number of hours they spend streaming shows and movies. According to ExpressVPN’s summary on streaming trends, in 2022 top six most-streamed movies and shows are on Netflix, which makes this streaming platform one of the most successful ones in history.

Furthermore, based on established channels and their streaming reports, viewers opt for ad-supported streaming services. This is mainly done to cut the subscription cost. Another important factor contributing to streaming growth is the use of smart TV devices. Currently, 13 million Smart TV users watch online content and pay for different subscriptions.

Since the pandemic, there has been a boom in the online streaming market. Users have turned to their mobiles and streaming devices to watch shows and movies. According to PwC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook (2022 – 2026), if the current conservative trend follows in the US, it will earn up to $33.6 billion by 2026.

Top Ranking Platforms Contributing To 2022 Streaming Trends

2022 Streaming Trends

Now, let’s have a look at the top streaming platforms responsible for the growth of online streaming traffic and feature trending content on their paid streaming platforms. By March 2022, the trending services in the US are

Amazon Prime66%

Factors Responsible For 2022 Streaming Trend Growth

The gradual shift towards online streaming is a result of multiple factors. The growth of streaming service subscribers and the boost in the digital streaming market are one of the most obvious ones.

1. Availability Of Smart Devices To Enhance Streaming Options

Users have now turned to Smart TV applications like Firestick, Roku, etc for streaming multiple services in one place. There is steep growth in the manufacturing of smart TVs by TCL, Samsung, and Vizio. CTV or connected TV is best for not just watching movies and shows but also listening to music and playing games.

2. Availability Of Good Internet Connection At Moderate Prices

Another major factor responsible is high-speed internet (Wifi) for streaming digital content. According to surveys, such households spend approximately 122 hours on digital streaming in the entire month. Netflix (43 hours) bags more time than Youtube (39 hours) and Hulu (33 hours).

3. Lucrative Streaming Offers By Popular Streaming Platforms

Digital streaming growth is also happening because of lucrative offers like long free trials, bundling of popular streaming services, and discounted prices offered by streaming platforms. There are many free streaming platforms, like Sling TV, Peacock, Tubi, etc., that have amazing content that attracts subscribers.

4. Rebranding The Streaming Platforms To Make Audiences Interested

Streaming services have developed popular franchises and shows that are exclusively available on their respective platforms, and they have unique strategies for creating a stable viewership. For instance, they have brought nostalgic shows and movies of the 80s and 90s to attract viewership. Also, they are releasing episode by episode to create engagement stability.

5. Blending Social Media Platforms With Streaming Channels

Live streaming on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube is also a significant factor contributing to the rising streaming trends. Youtube gets the top spot, where 51% of users engage, followed by Facebook (45%) and Instagram (39%).

Final Words

We hope this information has helped you decide which streaming platform you’ll choose and what shows and movies you’ll stream first.

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