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The Man With The Longest Nose In The World Goes Viral

It is really a piece of resounding news that the real-life Pinnochio, a man who lived in the eighteenth century and had the longest nose in history has become an internet sensation now. Thomas Wadhouse would never have thought that he would become a piece of riveting sensational news after three hundred years of his demise.

He posthumously holds the Guinness world record for having the longest nose in the world which measures nineteen centimeters. 

Thomas Wadhouse, The Man With The Longest Nose!

The Internet always brings up something that would really grip the viewers with something extraordinarily riveting. So now the news is back from nearly three thousand years ago about a man who lived in the world with the longest nose. 

Thomas Wadhouse, The man with the longest nose

Yes, it is indeed true and now he has become the latest internet sensation after three hundred years when his photo was uploaded on the internet and within seconds it went viral. So now people are frantically searching for this man who has the longest weirdest nose in the world. 

The man behind the longest nose is Thomas Wadhouse also known as Thomas Wedder who lived in the eighteenth century. When we dig a little deeper, he was an interesting circus performer who lived in England in the late 18th century.

Now he has been a sensational figure all over the internet for his astonishingly extraordinary long nose. The world has records for weird and most absurdly riveting things. 

So now one such absurdly riveting thing going viral on the internet is the photograph of a man who has the longest nose which is undoubtedly astonishing. So now recently a Twitter page surprisingly got its hand over the weird picture of a British man’s wax statue. This statue was popularly known for its long nose which measures 19 cm. 

So this was something quite repugnant to the world that in the eighteenth century a man lived with such a longest nose. The Twitter page which shared the riveting photo of this man is significantly known for sharing meme-worthy content.

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So when the photograph of Thomas Wadhouse was shared on the page people thought that it would be a kind of meme. But when the photograph went viral people started to dig deeper and they reached eighteenth-century England where a man with an extraordinary nose lived. 

The Man With The Longest Nose In The World Goes Viral

Thomas Wedder or Thomas Wadhouse was a circus performer who lived in eighteenth-century England and rose to fame for having an astonishingly absurd long nose. The nose measures up to 7.5 inches, nineteen centimeters. He was born in 1730 on the outskirts of Yorkshire. Thomas Wadhouse became one of the riveting parts of many circus slideshows and thereby became an instantly curious attraction. 

Thomas Wadhouse apparently seems to be intellectually challenged and he was addressed as an ‘idiot’ by everyone derogatorily. So when we dig deeper into eighteenth-century history, he was called an idiot because of his abnormal physical appearance. 

So he had to endure lots of things in his life. Besides his physical appearance and what he did in his life, more information regarding his personal life, and origin is not quite handy because it is too difficult to extract the details which is three hundred years ago.

So in the Guinness world records, his name is mentioned as the man with the longest nose. He was weirdly popular for his abnormal nose and it is believed that he would have passed away in the 1780s around the age of fifty in Yorkshire. Thomas Wedder was posthumously awarded the Guinness World Record for his long nose. 

The Man With The Longest Nose

The wax statue was the main reason for this recent sensation. The tweet was liked by 119, 839 likes, and 7200 users retweeted it. The wax statue is located in Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. So after posting this riveting photo, people just flocked to the post and were in deep astonishment and burst out laughing.

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But in spite of the laughing many people were not evidently enthusiastic about the photo. It is not a laughing stock and it was not good at laughing at something which is abnormal. 

Most of the users were stunned to see the picture out of the blue over the internet. But in some way, it was a good thing that we got an opportunity to look back into the eighteenth century and learned about a riveting man who lived with a long nose in the twenty-first century.

So even though it was tweeted as a meme, within seconds it went viral and people across the globe commented frantically. Some people even thought it is something a kind of fake news, indeed a fake nose. It was quite unacceptable how can a person have such a long nose.

But when people flocked to the internet to verify it, it was a crumb of shocking news that it is indeed true that a man named Thomas Wadhouse lived in England and had an abnormally long nose. 

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