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Aaron Carter Died Without A Will: Who Will Inherit His Estate?

Aaron Carter was one of the incredibly talented and enlightening American singers and songwriters who died on November 5 at his home. The death news of Aaron Carter was repugnant to the whole world since he was only thirty-four years old and he was at his steep career. He was highly acknowledged as one of the astounding singers and garnered hordes of fans across the globe. The unexpected death has now caused problems related to the inheritance of his wealth. Let us check the details. 

Who Will Inherit Aaron Carter’s Estate?

The astounding late singer was found dead tragically in his bathtub and the predicament lies where he did not leave behind a will. Several sources claimed that advocates of Aaron Carter were imploring him to draw up a choice after his son Prince was born.

Aaron Carter

He welcomed his son to the world along with his on-and-off relationship with Melanie Martin. But for some reason, Aaron Carter never got around to the decision to make a will. 

As per reports, the estate will likely be inherited by his son Prince,  because Aaron Carter was unmarried at the time of his demise. The L.A.County Department of Children and Family Services revoked his son Prince’s entitlement to the home which Aaron Carter shared with Melanie Martin prior to his death. 

So Prince, the son of Aaron Carter would inherit the estate that has been acquired by his father, and he would not be entitled to the house that his mother shared with his father prior to his death. Moreover, Prince has been living with his grandmother since September due to personal reasons. 

Also, according to reports, Aaron Carter was in deep frustration, when his memoir was trying to be published by some of the publishers against his wish. The book was somewhat of a controversial memoir and he ordered the publisher of the book to cease the publication. This incident was just prior to his death.

So it was pretty clear that Aaron Carter did not wish to publish his memoir. But now since excerpts from the memoir are coming up, it is quite odd that even in the grave he did not get solace and salvation. 

So after his death, the publisher told that it would be against Aaron Carter’s wishes if they attempted to publish it. When we dwell a little deeper, in an excerpt from the unauthorized, not published memoir which is titled ‘Aaron Carter: An Incomplete Story of an Incomplete Life’ it is stated that Aaron Carter happened to live with Michael Jackson for one night in his house and he saw the singer in a different tighty-whitey innerwear. 

Also in the memoir, there were some other things that would really affect the reputation of Aaron Carter who is now desiccated in the soil. His former teenage love Hilary Duff vehemently said that this is a disgusting memoir.

She quoted exacerbates

“it is really sad within a week of Aaron’s death, there’s a publisher that seems to be recklessly pushing a book out to capitalize on this tragedy without taking the appropriate time or care to fact-check the validity of his work. To water down Aaron’s life story to what seems to be unverified click-bait for profit is disgusting”. 

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Who Was Aaron Carter And What Happened To Him?

Aaron Carter was a mind-blowing singer and songwriter who managed to have hordes of fans across the globe with his invigorating songs and performances. Aaron Charles Carter was born on December 7, 1987, and he came to the industry as a teen pop singer during the twenty-first century. He came to the industry with his riveting four albums which were highly acknowledged. 

As per sources, Aaron Carter began his career at the age of seven along with his brother when he formed the group named Backstreet Boys. it was surprising that he released his first self-titled album at the age of nine and it just swooped into the realm it garnered wide recognition and sold millions of copies worldwide. 

He was the brother of Nick Carter and they have had their share of agreements and disagreements the feud between the brothers was always quite the topic in social media. But in spite of their feud, Nick Carter was deeply wounded by his brother’s unexpected earthly departure. Nick Carter said that Aaron Carter was into drugs and medications. He was suffering from mental illness and he was so into the usage of drugs too. 

Aaron Carter was found dead on November 5, 2022. His body was found in the bathtub and the cause of death of Aaron Carter is not yet revealed. We all knew that Aaron Carter was into drugs and he suffered from mental illness but what really happened to him and the cause behind his sudden death is quite up in the air. 

Furthermore, Aaron Carter had several relationships with many celebrities and that too was somewhat controversial in their own ways. In 2017, on August 5, Aaron Carter came up with a hot topic about his sexuality. Aaron Carter opened up about his sexual orientation and accentuated that he is bisexual.

He came out with this controversial topic through Twitter and following the announcement he made a guest appearance and discuss his career and sexuality publicly. He also made another public reaffirmation about his sexuality and he stated that all his previous relationships were with women. 

Aaron Carter was not new to legal issues and controversies. He was charged with several legal issues mainly for overspeeding and uses of marijuana charges. Also in spite of his rash driving and use of drugs he had an insanely tumultuous relationship with his siblings and it was really a topic on social media. So the life of Aaron Carter was somewhat not tranquil but he always had bumps in the road. 

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