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Who Is Alba Baptista? All About Chris Evans Dating Actress

Words on the street say Marvel’s Captain America, Chris Evans is dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista. Is Chris Evans really dating Alba Baptista or is it just another hunch? Here is what to know about her. 

According to several reports, Chris Evans has been secretly dating Portuguese actress Alba Baptista for over a year. The source added that the pair is in love and “his friends and family adore her.”

If Chris is actually dating Alba Baptista for a year, then the rumors regarding his romantic link with singer Selene Gomez would have expired. On top of that, Chris and Alba’s social media activity itself hints that the dished pair had at least started talking during the last summer and since then, Alba has been also following Chris’s younger brother Scott Evans on Instagram. 

Who Is Alba Baptista

Earlier in 2022, Chris and Alba shared Instagram stories that sparked romance speculation between the two which was solely based on their physical locations. There has been a talk that Alba spent New Year’s Eve in LA, which happens to be the place where Chris lives and on Jan. 2022, Chris shared a story on his official Instagram handle which appears to be Alba’s native Lisbon. 

Apparently, the alleged pair met in the summer of 2021 when they were separately filming their respective projects in Europe. Anyway, there is no need to brag about Chris and his schedule as fans are already aware of where he has been in the past.

Who Is Alba Baptista All About Chris Evans Dating Actress Alba Baptista

But, who is Alba Baptista? Wouldn’t you like to learn more about the alleged girlfriend of Chris Evans? We have gathered enough data about the pretty actress, so scroll down. 

Alba Is From Portugal And Speaks Five Languages 

Alba was born to a Brazilian father and a Portuguese mother on July 10, 1997. The romance reportedly budded when her mother worked as a transistor in Brazil. Alba still lives in Portugal, which is her home. 

She is considered multilingual because she speaks in English, which would have been a task otherwise if she is truly seeing Chris. During her interview with Universo Online, it was revealed that Alba speaks German, Spanish, and French. And, since she is from Portugal, she speaks Portuguese as well. That sums up to five different languages, which is obviously good for her and her career. 

She has traveled to many places for shooting purposes, and this one quality would have heavily benefited her. She seems literally like a beauty with brains. 

Alba Is A Netflix Star

Alba’s acting debut was through Simao Cayatte’s short film Miami when she was only 16. The first role itself gained her the Best Actress Award at the Festival Iberico DeCine. Eventually, she starred in several Portuguese films like Patrick, Magneticos, Caminhos, and Equinoccio as well as TV shows Jogo Duplo, A Impostora, and Jardins Proibidos. However, she came into the limelight through Netflix’s Warrior Nun, which was a great hit. 

The flick was based on a comic book character Warrior Nun Areala and she plays Ava Silva, a quadriplegic orphan in it. Her character slowly discovered that she possesses some supernatural powers that urge her to be a part of warrior nuns. Warrior Nun was also her first Hollywood movie and it debuted in July 2020. Season 2 was filmed during the summer of 2021, when Alba is speculated to have met Chris. 

Alba Is A Model Tycoon

In this lifetime, Alba seems to be luckier than any other woman- first up, she is said to be dating the iconic Chris Evans, and secondly, she has modeled for one of the biggest fashion influences: Vogue. Apparent;y, she made her Vogue Portugal debut in 2019 through a clip that was supposed to look like it was shot in a movie. The beauty baron also appeared on the cover of ACTIVA and GQ. 

Alba Is An Optimistic Person

Alba is one such celebrity who has influenced a mass through social media platforms, as a result, she has amassed 400,000 followers on Instagram. When she was asked about how she manages her fame In a 2020 chat with Vogue, she said,

“I think we should be grounded for having the amount of attention. Like, everything is just a moment, it will pass and that is okay. So, I just want to enjoy and take the positive things, leaving the negatives out.”

She Has Been Dating Actor Chris Evans For Over A Year

While it’s unknown when the duo started dating, a source has claimed Chris and Alba have been together for over a year, which is quite interesting. If it’s true, then how did they hide their love story from the netizens for a year? A huge round of applause for the two, if they have really managed to protect their privacy so far. 

The dating rumors initially sparked in January 2022, when eagle-eyed fans discovered that Chris started following Alba back in 2020 and she reciprocated in 2021 when they both were busy with each project in Europe. 

Alba Baptista Has Been Previously Linked To An Actor

This must be something that you really want to know. So, seemingly, Chris is not the only actor she has been romantically attached to. In fact, she has been previously rumored to have had a relationship with actor Lucas Bravo, who is famous for Netflix romantic comedy series Emily in Paris. They sparked dating rumors when the two were spotted together on vacation in May 2021.

However, the netizens admitted that they were ‘just friends’ especially when they co-star in the 2022 drama Harris Goes to Paris.

She Does Numeral Charity Works

Like her alleged lover Chris, Alba has a passion for philanthropy as she is always associated with charities and nonprofits. In 2018, Alba did impressive humanitarian work at a Cambodia-based orphanage focusing on education. 

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