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How Did Art Brewer Die? Iconic Surf Photographer Art Brewer Cause Of Death Explained

Often seen as one of the legends who well-defined the craft of surf photography, photographer Art Brewer passed away at the age of 71. His friends and family confirmed the news about the sudden demise of the photographer.
Art Brewer is said to be a person who revived the art of surf photography and his contributions to it throughout the 70s, 80s, and 90s are not considered minor.

The news about the sudden demise of the photographer came as a shock to most and even though he is no more, there is no doubt in saying that the works he has done during his lifetime will speak about him to the coming generations and will serve as an inspiration and a guideline for anyone who is interested in surf photography.  

Art Brewer Cause Of Death

Even though his friends and family confirmed the news about the demise of the photographer, much information about the cause of death of the photographer had not been revealed by them.

Brewer Die Iconic Surf Photographer

The reports say that Art Brewer had been admitted to the hospital for a very long time, from July 2022, to be exact. The health condition of Art Brewer was definitely critical as he was in need of a liver transplant and it can be understood from the website that Art Brewer underwent a successful liver transplant at UCLA in September.

The recovery of Art was a very difficult process, according to the information available. He had to overcome difficulties like infections and another setback at each stage of his recovery. 

According to the people who knew him, Art Brewer was a fighter and he displayed the strength of his will during the time of his struggle. He was not ready to give up. Eventually, he surrendered to the sad truth of death and his beloved ones are proud to say that he lost the battle after a very strong fight. 

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Art Brewer Career As A Surf Photographer

Art Brewer was born and brought up in Laguna Beach, California. Brewer was passionate about surf photography from a very young age. Brewer marked a start in his career as a surf photographer at the young age of 17 when he secured a cover for the magazine Surfer in 1968.

Art Brewer became the youngest surf photographer in the history of any major surf publication to achieve his feat. That was the start of a glorious and successful career as a surf photographer.

Art Brewer Career As A Surf Photographer

During his years-long career as a surf photographer, one of the striking things that Art Brewer has mentioned is that he never wanted to be a person who clicks photos for postcards.

Throughout his career, Brewer stood true to his words. While the majority of the photographers found subjects for photos in the aesthetics of the sea, Art Brewer was fascinated by the rebellious art of surfing and his photos are a perfect example of what he saw in the art of surfing.

The works of Art Brewer had been critically well-received and appreciated worldwide. Matt Warshaw, the author of ‘The Encyclopedia of Surfing’ and one of the famous historians of the sport, has stated that there might be many other photographers who had been at the job for longer than Art, but none of them has reached his level and that Art just keeps on producing better results. 

During his career as a popular and respected surf photographer, Art Brewer has traveled the world in search of new and rewarding locations. He had been to different places like the Sumatra coasts, Antarctica, and also South Africa. Even though he had been to different places, Art Brewer was always passionate about the coast of Orange County.

As part of his photography career, Art Brewer has also worked with different famous publications like Esquire, Playboy, Rolling Stones, and Sports Illustrated. 

The career of Art Brewer would not be incomplete without the mention of Bunker Sprekels. Spreckels was an American surfer and a pioneer in the design of surfboards. Brewer met the surfer in 1969. They both met at Banzai pipeline, which is a surf reef break located in Hawaii. Brewer was there for a shoot for the Surfer Magazine.

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According to experts, it was Bunker who pushed and made Brewer the legendary photographer that he was today. Art Brewer has worked with some of the biggest names in surfing like Griffin, Rabbit, Curren, and many more.

He was also a great teacher who taught enthusiasts his way of approaching the art of surf photography. According to the words of Art Brewer, he is an open book for any student who wants to read him, and also that there is nothing that he holds back from anyone who wants to learn. 

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