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Who is Lauren kitt? All About Nick Carter’s Wife

Lauren Michelle Kitt-Carter, who is better known for her fitness video series Kitt Fitt, is an American actress, fitness competitor, fitness expert, producer, model, and trainer. Lauren appeared on the reality show I (heart) Nick Carter along with her beau Nick Carter. If Carter is alive and healthy today, then it is said that Lauren is the only one who should be held responsible as she distanced him from alcoholism and suicide temptations.

Who is Lauren Kitt?

Lauren is the daughter of Robin and Larry Kitt who divorced shortly after her birth. Her mother is of Irish descent whereas her father is Mexican.

“I had a very normal childhood. Everyone in my household on my dad’s side was tradesmen. They leave early and return late. They used to provide for our family. (Meanwhile), the girls stayed home, cleaned, cooked, and had to get good grades from school,” Lauren recently revealed.

“My dad was pretty strict, so I didn’t grow up watching MTV as it was forbidden in my house. I didn’t even have an idea about the Backstreet Boys until my twenties. My mum was a housewife and she used to stay at home and look after me and my elder sister. “

Lauren kitt

Woefully, Lauren’s childhood wasn’t as pretty as one’s imagination. She and her siblings grew up in a dysfunctional, unconventional family. As her kid, her life was tough, it was miserable because of her parent’s divorce and her mother being a con artist.

“I remember having a very turbulent relationship with my mum, ever since my parents divorced. I was 9 years old. My mum conceived me when she was 18 and at the time, my dad was 20. So, we only had an 18-year age difference and I still recall her 30th birthday when she wanted to celebrate it with her friends and have a social life. (Now when I look back) it was hard for her to take care of two girls and we used to fight a lot,” she continued.

“I was not interested in attending school. I rebelled against my estranged parents, but when I look back, I wish I would have heard what the adults of my life advised me and stayed more in school.”

Per Lauren, she loved to stay with her mum, as she could sneak out, party, and even miss classes if needed, whereas her father was more strict. It urged her to rebel. Despite all the odds, she stayed in Tokyo for three years after she turned 18 and then moved to Paris before settling in the states.

Lauren Kitt Fitness

After returning to the states, Lauren decided to start a fitness video series, Kitt Fitt on Youtube, in 2013, to share several fitness tips coupled with her secret fitness mantras. Her popularity surged when Nick Carter appeared in most of her videos. His entry literally boosted the viewers’ interest, ultimately piling up more and more views. The channel name was “Lauren Kitt,” and it remains dormant as no new videos were posted in the last couple of years.

As of 2017, Lauren had amassed 4,779 subscribers totaling over 255,461 views. It was her fitness video series that gained a maximum number of views. Its teaser alone had 33k views and the clip showing Nick Carter garnered over 75k views.

How did Lauren Kitt and Nick Carter Meet?

Lauren kitt

Due to some underlying facts, Nick’s sister Angel, and his brother Aaron introduced the two to each other as they thought the pair would fit well. The siblings persuaded the pair to meet and finally, Lauren arrived at Nick’s house for a movie night, where they actually felt a heavenly connection.

“Three hours after conversing on my balcony facing the beach, we saw shooting stars over and again,” Nick recalled. “We looked at each other and it got really quiet.”

On her part, she said that she was friends with Nick’s sister and was fully aware of how frantic Angela was to set her up with her brother. “One day, she managed to set us up on a blind date. We met and talked for hours and slowly fell in love.”

They met in 2008 and Nick explained how dis attached he felt from alcohol ever since she entered into his life. “My sister and other relatives tried to hook her with me. They knew her before and they used to hang out together.”

He added that Lauren used to brag about not liking Backstreet Boys or pop stars. However, he said, after they met, he didn’t wish to leave her.

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Lauren Kitt Acting Career

After 2 years of dating Nick, Lauren starred in a movie, “The Pendant” that he wrote and directed. It was a short film and is still available for purchase on the official website. The film was also played at the Royal Theater in Toronto on Aug. 13, 2010. Fans books for the show through his official site.

Her other appearances included- as a boot camp instructor in one of the episodes of “One Life to Live,” “Larry King Now,” “Entertainment Tonight,” and “The Real.”

In July 2013, Nick launched a campaign to raise funds for his upcoming movie. The original aim was to raise $85,000 but they received a sum of $156,214 instead. However, the production began, but it was delayed as its director passed away in the same year. In addition to that, Backstreet Boys’ success also contributed its part to the delay of production.

In 2015, Nick announced that the team had decided to put a hold on the movie and revealed that he was going to film another movie titled “Dead West.” He said the money raised for the previous project would be used for the up[coming film and later renewed its name to “Dead 7.” Lauren starred along with him in the flick and it was released on the SyFy network on April 1, 2016.

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