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Heidi Klum Returns to Halloween Party with Giant Worm Costume

Halloween everywhere and the queen of Halloween is back after hiatus!

After two long years, Heidi Klum’s epic Halloween Party is making headlines. She has returned with a highly talked spooky party wearing a costume so elaborate, covering her head to toe within. 

Surprise From Heidi Klum Halloween 2022

The German-American model cum television host Heidi Klum Halloween 2022, surprises everyone. She completed her looks with a long tail and a curved head. What was visible was only her tiny little feet, eyes, mouth and nose. 

Tom Kaulitz, her husband looked dashing along with the beauty, by dressing as a fisherman with a bloody eye. On the blue carpet entrance, he knelt beside Klum with his arms raised while Klum posed by laying on the floor. 

Heidi Klum Returns to Halloween Party with Giant Worm Costume

Before the massie revelation, Klum teased her fans and followers, sharing a clip of behind the scenes, while she was getting ready for the night event. But, she seemed pretty careful to keep her head and body under wraps. 

She took to her social media that the getting ready process began at around 11 am, and also expressed her excitement in attending the Halloween party of the year after two years of COVID-19 break. Needless to mention the delightment of the fans, who were ecstatic to watch what was going to happen in the party. They were also equally excited to see what the 49 year old model was about to bring to the festival. 

Like a fan wrote: “The one and only reason I care about Halloween (2022) is to see what insane s***  eidi Klum would pull, and of course, she is a worm, why not?”

A second one declared, “Heidi Klum dressing as a worm was the best thing this year. She is incredible and always the best. The bizarre and inventive ideas she brings, often brings her much hype and attention, which she actually deserves. No better costume than Heidi Klum’s.”

“Heidi Klum remained the unmatched and undefeated queen of Halloween. Look at the grace, just her style. That’s incredible. Only she’d wear something so thoughtful. No wonder Klum is a queen. That’s how it is,” another said. 

Usually, Heidi Klum Halloween bash is attended by numerous high-profile celebrities, and this year, there was no difference to point out in that matter. An array of celebrities were present under one roof, each wearing a spooky outfit with bloody makeup. 

Heidi Klum Returns to Halloween Party with Giant Worm Costume

Qyueer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness and husband Marc Peacock arrived dressed like Patsy stone and Edina Monsoon, while Questlove came as an astronaut. Kim Petras showed up dressed as Krampus, while Leni Klum, her 18-year-old daughter who attended the party for the first time, turned up as Catwoman. 

Over the last weekend, the internet has been mainly focusing on Halloween parties and celebrity Halloween looks. Cafes, restaurants and other public spots are decorated with horrific arrangements.

Interestingly, Ariana Grande arrived as a 2000 mockumentary Best In Show’s Sherri Ann Cabot costume. Meanwhile, model mogul Kim Kardashian turned up at Tracee Ellis Ross’ no costume birthday party, wearing a blue latex full body costume, like Mystique from X-Men and topped the look with blue face paint and red hair. 

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Other than Heidi Klum’s worm, the year 2022 witnessed many celebrities in different intricate costumes. It included anime and cartoon characters, pop culture icons as well as superheroes.  After the pandemic urged the Halloween-loving starsC to step back last year,they poured all that saved up spooky energy into their 2022 Halloween costumes, delivering tributes to their all time favourite superheroes, drawing inspirations from the streaming series, or even implementing their own Halloween styles. 

Some celebs relied upon special effects to make their  makeup even more realistic as The Weekend as The Godfather’s Don Vito back in 2021. 

In a clip captured by Good Morning America, Klum was seen wobbling on the blue carpet, doing the worm dance and her tan sneakers were seen peeking through. Shortly before Halloween, Klum and Tim Gunn, her Making the Cut collaborator, went to live with Amazon, solely to share the glimpses of her getting-ready process. Klum was careful enough to not reveal too much about her highly anticipated look, keeping herself wrapped in the sheet with her team doing her makeup. 

She shared that the first thing she would do at the Halloween party would be to make rounds to meet and greet everyone to try to point out who was underneath each costume. 

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