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Cocaine Bear Release Date, Cast, Plot, And More

Cocaine Bear is an upcoming American film exploring the genre of thriller. The director and producer of the film are Elizabeth Banks. The writer of the film is Jimmy Warden. The producers of the film are Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Aditya Sood, and Brian Duffield.

The production companies involved are Brownstone Productions and Lord Miller Productions. The movie is distributed by Universal Pictures. Further in this article, we will get to know about Cocaine Bear’s plot, cast members, expected storyline, spoilers, expected release date, where to watch the film, Trailer details, and many more.

Is Cocaine Bear A True Story?

The country of origin is the United States with English as its official language. The main cast members of the film include Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Alden Ehrenreich, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristofer Hivju, Christian Convery, Brooklynn Prince, Margo Martindale, and Ray Liotta. The story features the story of an American black bear that goes on a killing spree after ingesting cocaine unintentionally.

The Cocaine bear’s streaming will be done in theatres on February 24, 2023. It is hoped that soon after the movie’s theatrical release is done it will surely be available to stream online on different streaming platforms but for the time being, no accurate information has yet surfaced about the associated streaming services that have acquired the movie’s distributing rights. Fans will have to wait for the official announcement.

MovieCocaine Bear
DirectorElizabeth Banks
WriterJimmy Warden
StarsMargo Martindale
Keri Russel
Ray Liotta
Release DateFebruary 24, 2023
Country Of OriginUnited States
Filming LocationBarnaslingan Woods Dublin
Production CompaniesBrown Stone Productions
Lord Miller
Universal Pictures

Cocaine Bear Expected Release Date

The cocaine bear’s release date is February 24, 2023. The movie will be having a theatrical release. Rest no proper information has been revealed by the makers of the movie about the movie’s release on any other online streaming platform.

Cocaine Bear

Cocaine Bear Plot

The cocaine bear’s plot revolves around the story incident that took place back in 1985 when a black bear roaming around in the Chattahoochee-Oconee national forest, Georgia consumed about 75 pounds of cocaine. A group of drug dealers dropped about 40 packets of cocaine into the forest during an airplane crash.

It is when the 500 pounds bear found the cocaine stash and ate it. The bear went out on a killing spree and died at the end. The movie will be displaying a group of police officers, some wandering tourists, criminals behind the stash of cocaine, and the grand apex predator himself who will be the center of attraction.

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Where To Watch The Upcoming Movie Cocaine Bear?

The upcoming movie Cocaine bear will be available to watch by the audience in theatres on the day of its actual release which is February 24, 2023.

The movie will also be released on various other online streaming platforms and websites. No official announcement has yet been made but will soon be available.

Cocaine Bear Movie Cast

Cocaine bear’s cast members include the movie’s main characters that includes:

• Keri Russell (who will be seen playing the role of Colette Matthews)

• O’Shea Jackson Jr. (who will be seen playing the role of Howard)

• Ray Liotta (who will be seen playing the role of Dentwood)

• Alden Ehrenreich (who will be seen playing the role of Marty)

• Isiah Whitlock Jr. (who will be seen playing the role of Bob)

• Shane Connellan (who will be seen playing the role of Ray)

The other additional cast members that have appointed but their official roles have not been disclosed are Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristofer Hivju, Margo Martindale, Christian Convery, Brooklynn Prince, Scott Seiss, and Kahyun Kim.

The Talk On Social Media About Cocaine Bear

Fans are looking forward to the upcoming film. The fact that the movie is based on a true story makes it look more interesting and appealing to the audience. The revealed storyline brings a sense of excitement among the audience because it is something very unusual and different for a bear to consume 75 pounds of cocaine.

Fans are excited and are keeping high hopes for the film. A proper official trailer has not yet been released but it will soon be released, a trailer will give better information about the storyline and portrayal of events. A few images taken during the filming of the movie which include a gigantic black bear have been making rounds all over the different social media platforms.

What To Expect From The Cocaine Bear?

The upcoming movie Cocaine Bear is known to have been taken from a true set of events that took place in the year 1985. After an airplane crashed into Chattahoochee-Oconee national forest, Georgia. The wandering bear encountered about forty plastic bags of cocaine which were worth about fifteen million US dollars. The bear consumed about 75 pounds of cocaine and went out on a killing spree.

The autopsy revealed that the bear’s stomach was filled with cocaine, and it was almost impossible for any animal to have survived death in such a scenario. The movie aims to elaborate the true sequence of events that led to the frightening death of the bear.

It will most probably be telling the audience how the bear encountered the cocaine, who was the person behind it, who left it there, and what all pain and agony the animal went through after this tragic encounter.

The movie will involve a set of police officers investigating the case, some criminals who left behind the bags of cocaine, a group of tourists, and a large bear wandering in one of Georgia’s forests. The title of the film suggests it is a comedy, but this is not the case. The movie will feature some true horrific events that took place after the bear ingested the stash of cocaine.

It is expected to be filled with some saddening imagery related to the bear as to how he would eventually die after going through the suffering that he brought upon himself. Fans expect to witness some brilliant actors in the film which are Keri Russell, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Alden Ehrenreich, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Kristofer Hivju, Christian Convery, Brooklynn Prince, Margo Martindale, and Ray Liotta.

Cocaine Bear 2023 Movie Trailer

The cocaine bear trailer has not yet been revealed by the makers of the movie. It is expected to soon be released by the end of the year 2022 or the start of the year 2023.

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