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Are Rosita And Gabriel Together On The Walking Dead?

Spoiler alert! Go ahead with your own risk.

The Walking Dead creators have enthralled the viewers with a surprise romantic pairing of Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) and Rosita (Christian Serratos), which began sometime between the unseen 905 and 906. The show gave us the impression that the relationship ended as soon as it started. 

After the disappearance of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), the show jumped 6 years into the future only to reveal what the characters would look like in the coming years. Michonne (Danai Gurira) was seen raising her son RJ (Antony Azor) who she had with Rick and it also had a glimpse of Darel (Norman Reedus) retreating into the woods. Meanwhile, Carol (Melissa McBride) reigned over the kingdom along with King Ezekiel. However, these revelations were nothing when it comes to the unexpected pairing of Rosita and Gabriel. 

“Outpost 22,” the 11th episode of The Walking Dead, disclosed a scene where Rosita and Gabriel were working together to follow a convoy- the same train that is leading to the labor camp where Governor Pamela Milton( Laila Robins) has shipped their friends. Among the ones missing are Rosita’s and Siddiq’s ( Avi Nash) daughter, Socorro, “Coco” for short, who has been raised with her adoptive father- Gabriel. 

Are Rosita and Gabriel together?

According to showrunner Angela Kang, Rosita, and Gabriel will get parted in Season 11C, after Alexandia’s assimilation to the commonwealth, following a six-year time jump.

In The Walking Dead: Episode Insider, Kang said, “It’s fun to write Gabriel and Rosita. They have this (unique) kind of relationship- this surprising love story they had. Then they broke up but are still continuing to work together really well,” she continued, “You have this fun bond that we enjoy exploring more.”

As a reason behind the surprising pairing, she said, “Father Gabriel has come a long way and so has Rosita.”

She further added, “A lot of conversations Christian and I had regarding Rosita, on how she should be paired with a man she is challenged by and also someone who is respected by her. We felt it would be an interesting pairing and we are going to have an excellent story with them.”

How did Gabriel and Rosita get together?

Years after Rosita’s romantic relationship with Abraham Ford (Michael Cudiltz) ended, Rosita and Siddiq developed a fling that birthed a daughter- Coco, and also birthed a “love quadrangle.”

It was Season 9 that revealed Gabriel and Rosita as a couple, sometimes in the six-year-future-jump, between Episode 905 and 906. However, the next season had more than one lover as the “love quadrangle” was between Rosita and Siddiq, her boyfriend Gabriel, and her long-crushing friend Eugene (Josh McDermitt). 

Will Eugene and Rosita get together?

Per comics, Rosita gets romantically involved with Eugene, her longtime friend, after Abraham leaves her for Holly. Abraham on the other hand gets linked with Sasha in the show. Meanwhile, Rosita reveals she was pregnant with Siddiq’s child, however, Eugene is adamant about raising the child as his own. 

More about Rosita and Gabriel 

Serratos disclosed in a 2019 episode of the show, “I had a conversation with Angela and she seemed really forthcoming about what was going to happen in the entire season. She then asked me, ‘We are considering that (romantic) touch from the comic book and we’re talking about a few ones, who do you think it could (actually) be?’”

She asked again “‘What do you think?’ and I was really interested to contribute, and Seth’s name was brought up, and I said, ‘That’s really exciting.’”

When Kang asked what Rosita looks for in a partner, he said, “She has a lot of self-respect and is a very strong individual. And I think the thing she falls for would be their strength- she has to really respect the other person and she (Rosita) really respects Gabriel. 

From then, the team itself has an idea about what was going to happen between Rosita and Gabriel and they were nearly sure that the audience would also accept the pair as it is. 

Does Rosita Die in The Walking Dead?

In the comics, a pregnant Rosita is a victim of the Whisperers. Alpha abducts and decapitates several individuals from the communities- including Rosita and King Ezekiel- and also displays their zombified skulls on pikes indicating Whisperer territory. 

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