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Who Is Abigail Williams? How Did Abigail Williams Die, What Actually Happened?

You must have heard this name before- Abigail Williams- and not only that, you would also be familiar with the name Liberty German. Yes, you are right. These are the kids who were murdered by a mystery man on Feb. 14, 2017. Although these names owned the internet at the time, we haven’t heard about them in the last few months, and neither we know anything about the improvement made by the investigators. But they have reportedly said the necessary revelations would be made at the press conference going to be conducted on Oct. 31, 2022.

Before that, if you have any hunch in your mind about who Abigail Williams actually was, then here is what we know. 

Who Is Abigail Willimas?

Abigail Williams is a 13-year-old girl, who was killed along with her best friend Liberty German. She was an eighth-grade student at Delphi Community Middle School and was a quiet girl who had an interest in learning more about forensics and law enforcement. 

What Happened To Abigail Williams?

Abigail Williams and her friend Liberty German were dropped off at the Delphi Historic Trails at around 1.30 pm by Liberty’s sister, Kelsi on Feb. 13, 2017. The place was surrounded by densely populated woods and was therefore a secluded area in Indiana. The two had shared multiple snaps with their other friends and the last one was shown them standing on the Monon Bridge while a suspicious man in the background was seen following them. 

Abigail and Liberty had plans for trekking and were scheduled to meet their respective parents by 5 pm. Since they were not, the families hurried and wrote a missing note at the police station. 

The next day, police found two bodies near Deer Creek, which were confirmed to be the corpses of the girls. It was found at a personal property located half a mile away from the Monon Bridge. 

The investigators began their duty and conducted a nationwide search but found no suspect. Hence the officials were not able to find the killer, the head of the Indiana Police Office, Doug Carter stated that he believed that they were an inch away from finding who the anonymous individual was. 

Abigail Williams Die

“Someone out there might know who the person is and thus there wouldn’t be multiple pieces of the puzzle (to be found). I think there is one piece and it’s having a courageous person to say that was my dad, my brother, my cousin, my neighbor, or my co-worker.”

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How Did Abigail Williams Die?

Autopsy reports revealed that a lot of blood was lost in the process. But it was worth no other information. However, as a major hint, the search team discovered a voice recording from Liberty’s phone. 

The man in the audio clip was heard telling the girls “Down the hill”, but it was hard to recognize the person by voice. However, there weren’t any suspects at the time. Later, the FBI was assigned to the case, however, the murder weapon was still not discovered. 

The FBI search warrant read, “A large amount of blood was lost by the victims (Abigail and Liberty). It refrained from finding out how the girls had died.” They also insisted on the point that no signs of “struggle or fight” were seen. 

The warrant also stated that the murderer might have taken a souvenir, but they also added that the rest of the clothes were later found. 

Has Anyone Been Arrested?

Although there were piles of hints in the matter, the authorities failed to come up with the proper evidence that had the potential to point out the killer. 

The Murder Sheet, the true-crime podcast took pictures showing the investigation team examining something in the Wabash River, which was located quite far from the spot, where the bodies were discovered. 

The host said at the time that the investigation was somewhere connected to the double murder. Following that, the Indiana Police did confirm that there was a dive team in the locality which was located a few miles away from Kegan Kline’s family. 

In 2020, Kline was taken into custody and was previously charged with child exploitation and child pornography in an old lawsuit to which he was found innocent. From then, the officials were tight-lipped regarding the matter, but they confronted the media on Feb. 2022, where they said, We have a lot about you… “

Police then found that Kline had an online relationship with Libertyunder the name Anthony Shots,  after recovering her phone.  He also agreed that he had a few fake accounts on social media platforms where he used to flirt with young girls. But Klines completely denied having any connection with the Delphi Murder.

“He created a completely different persona for himself and we know that the Anthony Shots (Klines) was actually in contact with Liberty German, who was also a victim,” said Kevin Greenlee, co-host of The Murder Sheet. 

However, Kelsi tweeted on Oct. 28 that the officials were going to conduct a press meeting on Oct. 31, Monday, and said that they were all waiting for it.  

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