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Jerry Lee Lewis Net Worth – How Rich Is The American Singer?

Jerry Lee Lewis is one of the outstanding and most profusely acknowledged American singers and pianists who have managed to win the heart of hordes of people across the globe with a snap of the fingers. With his scintillating acuity in singing and playing piano, he has swooped into the lives of many across the language barrier.

Jerry Lee Lewis Net Worth

With his immense talents and abilities, Jerry Lee Lewis has managed to acquire a hefty handsome net worth estimated at $10 Million. With his deep passion for music and especially for handling musical instruments, Jerry Lewis has managed to garner love and affection besides this lofty net worth. Most of his wealth is acquired from his musical career other than his business ventures. 

Jerry Lee Lewis Biography

Jerry Lee Lewis

Popularly nicked named as ‘the killer’ Jerry Lee Lewis who is passionately described as ‘rock n roll’s first great wild man was born on September 29, 1935, on the outskirts of Ferriday, Louisiana, US. Jerry Lewis’s parents are Elmo Kidd Lewis Sr, and Mary Mamie Herron Lewis. Having an impoverished family situation, where their livelihood was farming, Jerry Lewis was always into playing piano with his cousins. His cousins Mickey Gilley is now one of the famous country music singers and Jimmy Swaggart is also a famous televangelist. It is very common to misidentify Jerry Lee Lewis with another Jerry Lewis who is an American comedian and humanitarian.

Full NameJerry Lee Lewis
ProfessionSinger, songwriter, musician, actor
Sources of IncomeMusic and film industries
Salary$6 Million +
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 1935
Age87 Years Old
ChildrenJerry Lee Lewis III
Jerry Lee Lewis Jr.
Lori Lee Lewis, Phoebe Lewis
Ronnie Guy Lewis
Steven Allen Lewis
Spouse NameJudith Brown (M. 2012)
Dorothy Barton (M. 1952–1)
Jane Mitchum (M. 1953–1957)
Jaren Elizabeth Gunn Pate (M. 1971–1982)
Kerrie McCarver (M. 1984–2005)
Myra Gale Brown (M. 1957–1970)
Shawn Stephens (M. 1983–1983)
Net Worth$10 Million

Jerry Lee Lewis Early Life

Born on the outskirts of a village in Louisiana, Jerry Lee Lewis along with his parents lived an impoverished life. But his parents were so interested and supportive of his passion and they even mortgaged their farm, which was their livelihood to buy him a piano. From a small age, Jerry Lee Lewis was so fond of studying musical instruments and he drew influence from his other cousin named Carl McVoy. 

Now Jerry Lee Lewis is highly acclaimed as the most influential pianist of the twenty century. Jerry Lee Lewis is the strongest pioneer of rock and rockabilly music. Albeit their family’s impoverished situation, his mother enrolled Jerry Lewis to attend Southwest Bible Institute in Waxahachie, Texas. Jerry Lewis is into piano and vocals being an amazing singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. Though Jerry did not have much successful chart in the early 1960s he gradually rose to steep prominence within the blink of an eye. During the year 1949, Jerry Lee Lewis stepped into his debut public performance of his career where he got the opportunity to play with a country and western band. 

When Jerry Lewis was studying at the Southwest Bible Institute, the dean expelled Jerry and his friend Green as their song and performance were not in accordance with the conventions of the church. But that action was a blessing in disguise and after that incident, Jerry Lee Lewis started playing at clubs around the outskirts of Mississippi. 

From 1949 to the present, Jerry Lee Lewis is still active in his admirable journey where he started as a petite singer and pianist to one of the highly influential and inspiring pianists of the twenty-first century. 

Jerry Lee Lewis Career Beginnings

Jerry Lee Lewis

Jerry Lee Lewis’s popularity started with Crazy Adams which was recorded at Sun Records in Memphis. This single song sold 300,000 copies in the south. We all should have noticed that during that period, technology was not developed and it doesn’t get the wide range of exposure it will have today. So being able to sell copies of that range is immeasurable.

But his efficiency and talents got proved by accentuating it when he released his 1957 massive hit Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On. This single piece of work shot Jerry Lee Lewis to fame worldwide. His other major hits include Great Balls of Fire, Breathless, and High School Confidential. 

Jerry Lee Lewis and his musical legacy’

End of the Roads is Jerry Lewis’s own composition after his recording of Crazy Adams. His own composition became widely accepted and Jerry Lewis soon commenced his non-stop prolific recordings as a solo artist and also as a session musician. Jerry Lewis substituted as a session musician at Sun records and he was eventually making his dream into true by conquering each step to reach there.

Jerry Lewis with his amazingly distinctive piano playing gave him more love and affection than he ever anticipated. He never did something to jeopardize his musical life, thereby he made his parents proud, the ones who without any second thought decided to mortgage their only way of livelihood for their son to have his dream. 

Jerry Lewis with his irrefutably unique piano playing collaborated with several other albums, including Carl Perkins’s Matchbox, Your True Love, and Put Your cat clothes on and Billy Lee Riley’s Flyin saucers Rock n Roll. Jerry made advances in his career as a soloist during 1957 and he marked some hits, Whole Lotta Shakin Goin’On, Big Maybelle, and Great Balls of Fire. 

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Despite some criticism of the songs, they paved way for bringing international fame to him. Following the recordings, the first TV appearance show was on The Steve Allen Show. in this show, Jerry Lee Lewis played the cornerstone song of his career named Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On. 

Moreover, Jerry Lee Lewis also gave his best in the acting side, and his dynamic and fully-fervent performance style can be seen in films including High School Confidential, and Jamboree. Undoubtedly Jerry Lee Lewis is the progenitor of his own aesthetic. 

Jerry Lee Lewis Personal Life

The turbulent personal life of Jerry Lee Lewis was quite a big controversy and he tried his best to hide his personal life from the big public’s bull eyes. But on May 1958, reported about his marital relationship with his first cousin. She was the third wife of Jerry Lewis, Myra Gale Brown. At the time of their marriage, Jerry Lewis told that he was twenty-two and she was fifteen. But when reality hits his cousin-wife is thirteen years older than Jerry and the publicity caused an uproar. 

Surprisingly Jerry Lee Lewis is married seven times in his life which includes bigamous marriages and marriage with his first cousin who was underage. As per reports, Jerry Lewis has six children in total from his seven marriages. 

At the age of sixteen, Jerry Lewis married Dorothy Barton and after their relationship for twenty months, they parted ways. After this, his second marriage was with Jane Mitchum and this dubious relationship has not lasted more than four years. His third marriage really was a massive controversy and it even resulted in a public uproar. 

Following this controversy, his fourth marriage was to Jaren Elizabeth Gunn and his fifth marriage was with Shawn Stephens. Amidst these marriages, he also had a living relationship with Mary Kathy KK. 

After these divorces, Jerry Lewis married Kerrie McCarver, his sixth marriage and after the divorce, he married Judith Lewis. So Jerry Lee Lewis had an indeed selcouth marital life. 

Jerry Lee Lewis Awards and Honors

  • Grammy Lifetime achievement award
  • Grammy award for Best Spoken Word Album
  • Academy of Country Music Award for pain/keyboard 

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