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Akon Revealed He Is Composing Music For FIFA World Cup 2022!

The countdown has officially begun for the FIFA World Cup 2022, and the excitement is getting to its peak with every passing day. FIFA has launched an array of songs as a part of this year’s World Cup soundtrack and apparently, it is adding to the thrill. 

It was already known that the stars like Davido, Trinidad Cardona, Belquez, and Lil’ Pepe would contribute each song to the soundtrack. And now, one more star has been added to the list, which is none other than Aliaune Damia Badara Akon Thiam, who is known famously as Akon. 

Recently, Akon revealed that he is creating a piece of music for the forthcoming World Cup, leaving his millions of fans thrilled. 

Akon Revealed He Is Composing Music For FIFA World Cup 2022!

The Senegalese American singer made the important announcement through his Instagram profile. He took a video from a recent interview with Big Boy Neighbourhood, where he was heard saying, “I am now composing music for the World Cup.” 

The host of the show was shocked by what he said and asked, “Are you too?” Then he said, “Same here!”

Big Boy then further added, “Since we had a discussion about the World Cup and certain things going on there…you know…you can’t take your shirt off, but it is completely different.”

To that, Akon responded, “Do you remember RedOne? The producer with whom we made the song Hayya Hayya, is now producing the World Cup national anthem.”

Right after the interview was leaked, fans began to rush into various social media platforms where one wrote, “I can’t forget the masterpiece this man has in store for the restroom,” with another one saying, “He is god to the perfect king.”

Ever since the pumping news was leaked, Akon has been making headlines everywhere. “GSK-Akon has been on a press tour lately to talk about all the things he has been cooking up like his development of “Akon City” and composing the music for the World Cup,” a man tweeted. 

Many a number of Akon fans have also written things that read, “K’Naan’s Waving Flag and Akon’s Oh Africa were more popular than the World Cup song by Beyonce that year.”

Akon Revealed He Is Composing Music For FIFA World Cup 2022!

Another one said, “Waving Flag was a Coca-Cola World Cup theme just like Akon’s Oh Africa was a Pepsi theme.” A Twitter user chimed in only to pen “Even the one by Akon was way better than the other official World Cup songs that I’ve heard.”

It’s not the first time that Akon is going to sing for the World Cup. FIFA launched an album named “Listen!” for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. It was one of the most famous collaborations between entirely different worldwide artists. At that time, Akon came up with his song Oh Africa.  

Another song, Observe, was a charity single that enabled Akon to earn in abundance for Akon’s charity- Confidence- which aims to support deprived African kids. That particular music video featured a handful of footballers like Didier Drogba, Fernando Torrez, Michael Ballack, Andre Arshavin, Lionel Messi, Kaka, Thiery Henry, and Frank Lampard. 

It’s a matter of fact that every song and every anthem of the FIFA World Cup has left the city talking forever. From Shakira’s Waka Waka to no no no tracks, each of them has turned out to be an inevitable part of playlists around the globe. 

“Waka Waka and waving the flag are better than any sports anthem,” a Twitter user wrote. 

However, this year, the world will get to see something inventive in the way how FIFA would release its anthem. In fact, there will be a multi-song set by worldwide artists that will be launched by Al Ittihad at the event slated to happen in November in Qatar. 

On Oct. 24, Coca-Cola unveiled its FIFA World Cup anthem featuring three female artists from different parts of the world. Saudi Arabian singer Tamtam, Mexican singer Danna Paola and Egyptian rap star Felucca are the vocals behind. It is a multicultural take on Queen’s popular 1986 hit ‘A Kind of Magic.”

It is the first World Cup anthem to be featured by an artist from Saudi Arabia. 

Akon was recently trolled for having a particular haircut which has brought a big laugh on the internet. He was mocked for getting a “$7500 hair transplant.”

“Yo, this Akon hairline challenge is the funniest shit I have ever seen. You guys got me rolling! Send more please!” a man commented. However, people who laughed along with the memes are now tapping on their heels to hear Akon’s magic. 

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