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Indiana Jones Actor Ke Huy Quan Describes a Reunion with Harrison Ford

As well we all know that there was a Disney D23 Expo last month and the most riveting part of that event was the euphoric reunion of Key Huy Quan and Harrison Ford.

Ke Huy Quan talks Harrison Ford Reunion

The reunion made everyone’s eyes wet as they were reunited after indeed a long gap of thirty-eight years. 

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom was a highly acknowledged visual treat and the actor who played the iconic character Short Round out-of-the-blue met with his former costar Harrison Ford who is now in the 80s. This reunion in the last month was for the first time in long 38 years once they parted ways. 

Indiana Jones’ Ke Huy Quan details reunion  with costar Harrison Ford

Ke Huy Quan shared his experience temperamentally that his heart was indeed pounding as he was nervous that will he remember him after such a long gap because he was a kid back in 1984. 

In an interview, Quan said about his experience of meeting the Oscar winner Harrison Ford, and he was passionately searching for words to express the unforgettable day he had with Harrison Ford. As Ke Huy Quan approached Harrison Ford, suddenly he turned back and gave him a classic grumpy Harrison look which made Quan on cloud nine as he never anticipated that he would still remember that small kid. 

Indeed a golden moment with Harrison Ford, which Quan can cherish forever, he quoted his experience very fervently and with utmost reverence “I go, ‘oh my gosh, he probably thinks I am a fan and he is gonna tell me to not come near him. But he looks and points at me and says, ‘Are you Short Round?’ Immediately, I was transported back to 1984, when I was a little kid, and I said, Yes, Indy’. And he said, Come here, and gave me a big hug”. 

Indiana Jones’ Ke Huy Quan details reunion  with costar Harrison Ford

This reunion was not planned and this was indeed surprising. Quan never would have envisaged a precious moment like this would happen ever in his life. Quan with a happiness-crammed-heart said that Quan along with so many other actors, producers, and directors sitting in the green room, unexpectedly one of the people who was assisting Quan said to him that Harrison Ford is right outside. Without skipping a heart beat Quan ran into him and suddenly stopped as he was wondering if would he remember this small kid back in 1984. 

This was indeed a fan-boy-like moment when Harrison Ford hugged him passionately and Quan said that with a snap of fingers he remembered all those wonderful and memorable moments from the filming in 1984 and he got carried away at the moment. 

With utmost reverence, Ke Huy Quan said about Harrison Ford “He is an amazing man- one of the most generous men on the planet”. This expo happened back in one month and after this event, Quan shared the images with Harrison Ford on his Instagram captioned “ I love you Indy, Indiana Jones and Short Round reunited after 38 years”. 

Who is Ke Huy Quan?

Indiana Jones’ Ke Huy Quan details reunion  with costar Harrison Ford

Key Huy Quan is one of the outstanding actors who has nailed the entire world with his mesmerizing performance. Quan rose to prominence when he got the chance to appear in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. This was released in May 1984 and this paved the way for a great kick-off in his career of Quan. 

After this kick-start, he then later appeared in The Goonies which was the classic treat in the 80s. After this Quan had not had many projects in a lead role, but he came back with a buzz and landed heavily with his 2022s visual treat entitled Everything Everywhere All at once. 

He is also known as Jonathan Ke Quan a Chinese-Vietnamese astounding actor who was born on August 20, 1971. Other than being an actor he is an amazing stunt photographer too. 

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Other than his milestone career breakthrough films such as Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, he later got a chance to demonstrate his scintillating wit as an actor in the movie named Breathing Fire. despite his stardom or whatsoever, he was always ready to act in films even if it is a small role or guest role. After acting in several movies, eventually Quan transformed his career into film production. Later in 2018, Quan was immeasurably inspired by the success of the film named Crazy Rich Asians and he returned to acting with a euphoric heart. 

Who is Harrison Ford?

Harrison Ford is one of the outrageously ferocious American actors who is widely regarded as the seventh-highest-grossing actor in North America. As per reports, films in which Harrison has starred it has crossed over $5.4 billion to $9.3 billion worldwide. Undoubtedly with his unparagoned acuity in acting, he has been the recipient of numerous accolades including the AFI Life Achievement Award, and the Cecil.B.DeMille Award. Moreover, Harrison Ford was nominated for the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. 

Harrison Ford was born on July 13, 1942, and he is now 80 years old. Harrison Ford, like every other person who comes to the field of the entertainment industry to pursue their dreams, had to overcome several encumbrances and his career breakthrough was when he got the chance to appear as Han Solo in Star Wars. other than this Harrison Ford is widely known for his titular character in the film franchise named Indiana Jones which received vast accolades and recognition. 

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