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Under The Queen’s Umbrella Season 1 Scheduled For October 2022

Under The Queen’s Umbrella is a South Korean upcoming television series. The genres of the show are black comedy and historical drama. Kim Hyung-sik directs the show. Studio Dragon is the creator of the show. It is written by Park Ba-ra. The show “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” is all set to premiere its first season on Saturday 15 October 2022 on tvN and Netflix.

Netflix K-Drama ‘Under The Queen’s Umbrella’

Directed by Kim Hyung-sik, the show is also known as The Queen’s Umbrella. This is a highly anticipated k-drama series for fans. The country of origin is South Korea. The original language of the show is Korean.

Under The Queen's Umbrella

It is the story of queen In Hwa-Ryeong’s endeavors and struggles to make her troublemaker princes worthy of the crown that they will be going to get. She’s seen protecting her children like a lioness does. She is a queen who is known to swear and even sometimes abandons her pride. Her life is full of trials on a daily basis, but she withstands them all, for the sake of her own kids.

SeriesUnder The Queen’s Umbrella
StarsKim Hye-su
Sang Min Moon
Country of originSouth Korea
Production companiesHOW Pictures
Studio Dragon
Written byPark Ba-ra
Directed byKim Hyung-sik
Release dateOctober 15, 2022 (South Korea)

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Release Date

The show “Under The Queen’s Umbrella” is all set to premiere its first season on Saturday 15 October 2022 on tvN and Netflix.

This is a K- historical drama that is given a good rating by looking at its posters, trailers, plot and cast members, making it a must-watch for everyone who’s a fan of great historical drama.

The content rating for the show is 15+ (teens 15 or older). The main lead cast members and the supporting cast members are also very talented. It will give a fresh new perspective in historical dramas.

In the first poster of the show, the queen and her young son in the heavy rainfall are facing each other and she covers her son with an umbrella while she gets soaked by the heavy rain. This depicts how she saves her children by not thinking about her own self and sacrificing herself.

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What Is The Plot Of Under The Queen’s Umbrella?

The plot of the show “Under the Queen’s Umbrella” revolves around a spirited queen named Im Hwa-ryeong who’s the wife of the great king of the kingdom of Joseon and she lives in the palace.

The queen is not like other queens who are graceful and have an aura of elegance instead she was a hot-tempered and sensitive queen. She had five troubles making sons who do nothing but cause headaches for her and the Royal Family.

They were soon going to be turned into crown princes. When people kept pushing her, she decided to convert his trouble-making and undeserving sons into fine men so that they become worthy of being crown princes of the kingdom of Joseon so that they could reign over it.

It will display the journey of how a mother who’s also a queen transforms her sons.

Where To Watch Under The Queen’s Umbrella?

You will be able to watch this show on tvN from 15 October 2022. Episodes will air every Saturday and Sunday at 9:10 (KST). Not only on tvN but this show is also going to be streamed on Netflix in particular regions on the same day.

The show will be primarily available in the Korean language with subtitles. However, it is expected to be available in other dubbed versions as well.

Who Are The Cast Members Of Under The Queen’s Umbrella?

The main cast members of Under The Queen’s Umbrella includes

  • Queen Im Hwa-ryeong (played by Kim Hye-Soo)
  • young Hwa-ryeong (played by Chaerin)
  • Queen Dowager (played by Kim Hae-Sook)

The supporting cast members include:

  • Queen consort’s sons named Grand Prince Sung-nam (played by Moon Sang-min)
  • Grand Prince Mu-an (played by Yoon Sang-hyun)
  • Crown Prince (played by Bae-In-hyuk)
  • Grand Prince Gye-seong (played by Yoo Seon-ho)
  • Grand Prince Il-young (played by Park Ha-jun)

The Concubines in the series include:

  • Royal Consort Gwi-in Hwang (played by Ok Ja-Yeon)
  • Royal Consort Gwi-in Go (played by Woo Jung-won)
  • Royal Consort So-yong Tae (played by Kim Ga-eun)
  • Concubines’ sons includes Prince Ui-seong (played by Kang Chan-hee)
  • Prince Bo-gum (played by Kim Min-ki)
  • Prince Shim-so ( played by Moon Seong-hyun)
  • Yoon Soo-kwang (played by Jang Hyun-sung)
  • Hwang Won-hyeong (played by Kim Eui-sung)
  • Queen Yoon (played by Seo Yi-sook)

Some of the extended cast members list include

  • Court Lady Park (played by Lee So-hee)
  • Min Seung-yoon (played by Kim Young-jae)
  • Crown Princess Hwi Min (played by Han Dong-hee)
  • Cho-wol (played by Jeon Hye-won)
  • Prince Young-min (played by Shin Ian)
  • Court Lady Nam (played by Lee Jung-eun)
  • Royal Consort Suk-yong (played by Song Young-ah)
  • Royal Consort So-ui (played by Shin Soo-jeong)
  • Court Lady Oh (played by Yoo Yeon)

As it’s the first part of the series, there are no new cast members as such. Only the above-mentioned actors and actresses are confirmed now that will be present there in the film and we never know if we might get surprised with other famous stars in the movie when it releases.

Not only are the main lead cast members talented but the supporting cast members also are great.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella Online Buzz

Kim Hye Soo who’s a very famous South Korean actress is making her return to the small screen after a very long time by playing the character of the royal queen in Under the Queen’s Umbrella which is tvN’s new historical drama show.

Audiences are very excited and eager to see her after such a long span of time on small screens. The makers have released two posters now and both posters are displaying the character of Kim Hye Soo very powerful and prickly.

This type of character she hasn’t played till now so that’s going to be a little surprise for the viewers.

What To Expect From Under The Queen’s Umbrella?

In the show, we will see a spirited queen who breaks all the barriers to make her undeserving sons worthy enough to reign over the kingdom.

They anyways would easily become crown princes even if they did not change but still she was such a highly driven woman who didn’t want her sons to be given the opportunity because they are born with a golden spoon even when they are not worthy of being one.

That’s why she decided that she will herself convert her sons into fine and real men who will prove worthy of every opportunity and power they will be provided with.

Any Episode Guide For Under The Queen’s Umbrella

The episode guide of the show Under The Queen’s Umbrella is not yet available anywhere. Only it is known that there will be a total of sixteen episodes in the show which will be released two days a week on every Saturday and Sunday.

The last episode of the show will premiere on 4 December 2022. The average running length of each episode will be about sixty minutes.

Trailer In Details

With the fusion of black comedy and historical fiction, the show’s trailer shows a spirited queen who transforms her rowdy sons into worthy people for being the next king of Joseon.

The trailer shows the 2 major aspects of the main character, which is a mother and a queen. Mother who amends her sons into fine men and a queen who needs to protect the kingdom from the competitors who want to snatch her powers.

She also mentions in the trailer that who else will save her children if she will not do it.

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