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Christopher Meloni on His Current Career High, Becoming a Zaddy at 61

The NYP Detective, Elliot Stabler, of the NBC drama, Law & Order, is literally living his life at 61!

Christopher Meloni, who is well-known for his role in the NBC drama, “Law & Order: SUV” is cherishing his recent and newfound status as a “Zaddy.”

Christopher Meloni on His Current Career Hike

In the latest interview, Christopher Meloni admitted that he was never expecting such a career hike at the age of 61, but exposed his happiness in taking his “second act.”

With age comes wisdom, but for Meloni age additionally comes with a scorching streak in his profession. How good is that!ChristopherWith age comes wisdom, but for Meloni age additionally comes with a scorching streak in his profession. How good is that!

Christopher Meloni on His Current Career

Plus, Christopher Meloni has been labeled as Zaddy, neither of which he was expecting at his current age. Thanks to the legend’s return to his beloved “Law & Order: Special Unit function, on his own spin-off titled, Organized Crime in 2021 and a montage of viral clips, where he displayed his chiseled physique—together with his popular nude Peloton ad and incredible back clicks posted by his fans on social media- Christopher Meloni is now an intergenerational sex symbol. 

And the guy is certainly embracing everything that has been coming his way. 

“It is a second act to a certain degree,” he told People earlier this week. 

“It’s a gas, yet it is fun. I don’t really know, has anyone else been a Zaddy before? Once it is bestowed upon you, all you have to do is to ride that horse as long as you can,” Christopher Meloni, 61, said with a smirk. 

Christopher Meloni on His Current Career

The Marauders star, who shared two children with his wife of 27 years, artist Sherman Williams, said even his family was getting a kick out of his new identity. 

“My wife, she gets it. Meaning she’s like, ‘whatever.’ on the other hand, my kids, (they go) invariably once a month, it’s ‘Really?’” he said. 

He further added that their friends might send them memes that would basically be about coming out or related.

“But I secretly know deep inside they get it,” he adds. “We all have a good goof with it. My kids’ friends bust my chops, but it’s still fun and it’s an honor.”

Christopher Meloni apparently left Law & Order back in 2011, amid failed contract negotiation but now, once he has returned to the show, “it has been different,” he noted. 

“Age is a miraculous thing. You hope to get wiser with time, to get a little more patient, and ultimately become more mature, which according to me is clarity and love. And by love, it’s not just a kumbaya, but a sense that we are all in this together and we are doing the best. It’s a more elegant way to operate.”

When asked furthermore, Christopher Meloni said, “I am really having an attitude to enjoy the ride” to the fullest. “It’s great.”  Like, “Are you kidding me? I am 61 and a Zaddy. The lucky streak goes on.”

Having a renaissance in the back third of his life is definitely something that he feels is cool. 

Apart from all of these, he said being at this point, it was a “dream come true” moment to work alongside Mariska Hargitay again. 

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Both on-screen and off-screen, the friends have been sharing words about their decade-long friendship. 

The two Law & Order stars are apparently excited about getting back with each other on the show after a long break ever since Christopher Meloni left the show. In fact, they spoke to Red Carpet Live pre-show hosts, Jeremy Parsons and Janine Rubenstein on Monday about their much-awaited unison. 

“Never been better, I mean, if you had told me I’d have the career at this time…the twilight of my life,” he said. 

When asked about how the two maintain their friendship after all these years, they said, “it’s effortless” and just a “dream come true.”

“It’s effortless, and it’s weird and I always consider it as a gift,” Hargitay added. Much of it has to do with our common sense of humor and similar perspectives. 

Apparently, the duo never gets tired of each other, “Never once!” and “I love him,” she said. 

Ever since Law & Order: SVU premiered in 1999, Hargitay has starred as Detective Benson. The show has been influencing audiences for over 23 years now. 

Regarding the responses they have received for the show, Christopher Meloni said, “There is this meaning to the stories that we tell, Unknown to many of us, there are quite a number of people who hold things that happened with them,” without letting it slip. In fact, he thinks, SUV shines light in the darkness. 

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