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Who Were Jeffrey Dahmer Victims? A Full Timeline Of His Murders

Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix true docu-series, “Dahmer Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” has left the whole nation talking about the extremely graphic depictions of the violent and heinous crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer, who committed 17 gruesome murders in 13 years. 

Although the limited series managed to cover most of the important occurrences, it still has left some void spaces which cannot be filled as the story wasn’t nearly enough to capture the merciless acts committed by Dahmer as well as the countless drops of tears shed by the Jeffrey Dahmer victims and their families. 

Things You Should Know About The Jeffrey Dahmer And Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

Jeffrey Dahmer, who actively caught and killed 17 innocent boys and young men between 1978-1991 had a relatively tough past. But the show has not been beloved that deep nor has it given dimensional depictions of the entire Jeffrey Dahmer victims. On the first hand, only 17 deaths are reported in the series and fewer than that, 3 stories are displayed. However, that was more than enough to realize Jeffrey Dahmer’s sadistic obsession with murders. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

Starring Emmy Award-winning actor, Evan Peters, the Milwaukee Monster story was helmed by Ryan Murphy, and Ian Brennan, and was co-created by Glee co-creator along with spectacle purveyors. 

Even before the release, Dahmer evolved as the symbol or a cultural avatar of sadism in songs in the best interest of Katy Perry. Eminem and Kesha. If you accidentally thought that Jeffery Dahmer would be underrated as a human after the release, then dear, you’ve got it wrong. 

Following the September release, the fascination with Jeffrey Dahmer has only intensified, which would have happened the other way if we were living in a straight world. The entire inhabitants are sparking outrage online, after recording and posting their reaction to Jeffery Dahmer’s gruesome crime scene polaroid pictures on TikTok. 

Moreover, famous rapper Rick Ross has been stupidly searching for “Dahmer shades”, giving Dahmer unnecessary hype among his fans. Definitely, the shades wouldn’t go well with any of his outfits, but then why?

Today, we see countless questionable memes that are curious to know literally everything from Dahmer’s charm to the hypocrisy of people targeting Dahmer after enjoying music that mentioned his name in the past. 

Jeffrey Dahmer’s popularity has surged to an extent that neither you nor I can bring it down even if we say or do things to prove our point. All we can do at the time is not to take Jeffrey Dahmer’s name with a passion. He is nothing to be adored. 

After long research, we have gathered information from platforms such as The Seattle Times, FBI case files, and The Washington Post regarding the timeline for the 17 men Dahmer ruthlessly killed in the 13 years of his crimes.

A full Timeline For Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

From 1978-1991, Jeffrey Dahmer committed 17 murders and as a result, he was sentenced to 15 consecutive life sentences. But who were those 17 innocent Jeffrey Dahmer victims?

  1. Steven Hicks, 18, June 18, 1978
  2. Jamie Doxtator, 14, January 16, 1987
  3. Steven Tuomi, 24, November 20, 1987
  1. Richard Guerrero, 25, March 24, 1988
  2. Anthony Sears, 26, March 25, 1989
  3. Raymond Smith, 33, May 20, 1990
  4. Edward W.Smith, 28, June 1990
  5. Ernest Miller, 22, September 1990
  6. David C. Thomas, 23, September 24, 1990
  7. Curtis Straughter, 18, February 18, 1991
  8. Errol Lindsley, 19, April 7, 1991
  9. Anthony Tony Hughes, 31, May 24, 1991
  10. Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, May 27, 1991
  11. Matt Turner, 20, June 30, 1991
  12. Jeremiah Weinberger, 23, July 5, 1991
  13. Oliver Lacy, 23, July 15, 1991
  14. Joseph Bradehoft, 25, July 19, 1991
Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

On July 22, 1991, fortunately, Tracy Edwards, Jeffrey Dahmer’s last victim, managed to escape the captivity, ultimately leading the Milwaukee police to Dahmer’s apartment right away. 

Now, let us dive into each of the 17 Jeffrey Dahmervictims and their past lives.

1. Steven Hicks

Right after Jeffrey Dahmer’s high school graduation, he lured hitchhiker Steven Hicks, 18, to the family home, with a fake promise of offering him a ride one day to a concert. In the Ryan Murphy series, the duo workout before Jeffrey Dahmer slams Hicks’ head with a weight and kisses his corpse in the end, Whereas in reality, Jeffrey Dahmer quenches his sexual thirst for the young boy, doing whatever fantasies he had in his mind ever since he was 16. 

The chopped body was then buried only to dig them up again to dissolve his skin in some kind of acid and crush bones into powder. 

2. Steven Tuomi

According to Dahmer’s testimony, Jeffrey Dahmer second victim came nearly after a decade. It took him 10 years because he was frightened by the police officers who stopped him on the way while he was about to dispose of Hicks’ corpse. 

Jeffrey Dahmer met Tuomi from a Milwaukee bar and took him to the Ambassador Hotel room. Jeffrey Dahmer reveals that he woke up the next day to the lifeless body of Tuomi which was lying before him. So, Jeffrey Dahmer claimed Tuomi’s death to be an accident. 

However, after confirming the death, Jeffrey Dahmer stuffed Tumoi’s body into a suitcase and carried it into his grandmother’s home, where he lived after his parents divorced. On the way, Jeffrey Dahmer sought help from an innocent taxi driver, who helped him carry the suitcase. But Jeffrey Dahmer simply ignored the question when the taxi driver enquired about the pungent smell coming from it. 

After reaching home, Jeffrey Dahmer dismembered Tuomi’s body. According to Jeffrey Dahmer’s recollection and the docu-series, he had a souvenir of Tuomi’s skull. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

3. James Doxtator

James Doxtoator was Jeffrey Dahmer’s youngest victim, who was only 14 at the time. According to Doxtator’s mother, he ran away from home after escaping an abusive stepfather. 

As per Jeffrey Dahmer, he saw Doxtator at a bus waiting shed, outside of 219 Club. He offered the young boy some cash and lured him to his house, where he intoxicated Doxtator and had sex with him, eventually taking his life. 

4. Richard Guerrero 

Richard Guerrero was a Mexican man who fell victim to Jeffrey Dahmer’s trap after the notorious killer offered him $50 to spend a night with him. Guerrero apparently accepted the deal and headed to Jeffrey Dahmer’s grandmother’s home where he was drugged and abused. 

In the series, Guerrero’s story is not explained in detail, instead, he was mentioned as one of Daher’s prey who lost their precious lives from Jeffrey Dahmer’s methodical routine of killing. 

5. Anthony Sears

Sears was a potential model, who unfortunately met killer Jeffrey Dahmer, which eventually eliminated his entire existence from the world. After murdering the 26-year-old, Jeffrey Dahmer preserved his skull and genitalia in his apartment. 

Sears wouldn’t have been killed if Judge William Gardener had not released him from prison. Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced for sexually assaulting Somsack Sinthasomphone 2 months before. 

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Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

6. Raymond Smith

Until now, Jeffrey Dahmer had all his crimes under the roof of his grandmother’s home. But, Smith was the first one to be killed in Jeffrey Dahmer’s Milwaukee apartment. Smith was a sex worker who was approached by Jeffrey Dahmer with an offer of $50. After killing him, Jeffrey Dahmer went to take sexually appealing photos of Smith’s dead body. Also, the ruthless Jeffrey Dahmer boiled Smith’s remains before dissolving them in acid, except his skull, which he secretly kept in a cabinet. 

7. Eddie Smith

Although Smith’s remains were nowhere to be found while the police investigated Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment and surroundings, he still admitted that he took Dahmer’s life when authorities questioned him. Caroline Smith, Eddie Smith’s sister, reportedly received a call from an anonymous caller, who informed her that her brother was dead. 

8. Ernest Miller 

Unlike other Jeffrey Dahmer victims, Miller encountered Jeffrey Dahmer beside a bookstore, where Jeffrey Dahmer seduced him to his apartment and had sex with him before intoxicating the victim. He then sliced Miller’s throat, painted his skull, and kept his biceps in the freezer.

Similar to Eddie Smith’s case, Miller’s grandmother also remembers receiving a call from an unknown number where a strange voice said, “Help, help, help.” The phone call was received 2 weeks after the family reported Miller missing. 

9. David C. Thomas

Nothing much is revealed about Thoma’s death. All we know is that Thompson was the father of a 2-year-old, who was led to his apartment by Jeffrey Dahmer, to take his life. 

10. Curtis Straughter

Jeffrey Dahmer admitted that he met Straughter at a bus stop located next to Marquette University, from where Dahmer offered him money in exchange for some naked photos. As mentioned, Jeffrey Dahmer took naked photos of Slaughter, but the only difference was that Straughter was turned into a corpse by then. 

11. Errol Lindsey

Jeffrey Dahmer grew aggressive by the time he lured Lindsey into his apartment. According to Linsey’s brother, Jeffrey Dahmer might have encountered the 19-year-old on his way to the key shop he was heading to, approximately at the time of his disappearance. 

After drugging the teenager, Dahmer drilled a hole in Lindsey’s head, through which he poured hydrochloric acid, turning poor Lindsey into a very strange and pathetic condition. Later, merciless Dahmer strangled and dismembered him. 

12. Anthony Tony Hughes

Without a hunch, we can conclude that among the deaths featured in the series, Tony Hughes’ was the most disturbing and heartbreaking. While the deaf and mute man was dancing at a gay bar, Dahmer appeared and persuaded him to follow Jeffrey Dahmer. Since Hughes declined, Jeffrey Dahmer had to put extra effort into luring the guy to his home. 

Eventually, Jeffrey Dahmer learned sign language to communicate with him and they slowly formed a strong and romantic connection with each other. On the day of Hughes’ death, the alleged pair has consensual sex. Apparently, Jeffrey Dahmer stopped himself multiple times from intoxicating Hughes out of their strong bond. 

However, no records were found to prove the relationship between the duo. Instead, it was claimed that Hughes went to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment to pose for pictures. Reportedly, Jeffrey Dahmer left Hughes’ body unattended for 3 days before he dismembered it. While the police investigated the apartment, they discovered Hughes’ skull and vertebrae from his bloody apartment. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims

13. Konerak Sinthasomphone

Konerak Sinthasomphone is one of the Jeffrey Dahmer victims who managed to escape the trap. Seemingly, Konerak knows what Jeffrey Dahmer did to his brother and knowingly went along with Jeffrey Dahmer to his apartment to get clicked. Although Jeffrey Dahmer attempted to drill a hole in Konerak’s head, he managed to escape the dark place. But what was unfortunate was that Konerak was again taken back to Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment after he convinced the police that Konerak was his lover, who was losing his balance as he was highly drunk. 

Ostensibly, Dahmer was later shocked to realize that Konerak was Somsack’s brother. 

14. Matt Turner

Again, Turner was convinced to travel to Milwaukee to pose for photographs after meeting him at the Chicago Pride Parade. Upon reaching the location, Jeffrey Dahmer drugged and dismembered his body, but kept his torso in an acid-filled jar and head in the freezer. 

15. Jeremiah Weinberger

Weinberger and Jeffrey Dahmer met in Chicago where people saw Weinberger leave the gay bar with an unidentified man, who is believed to be Jeffrey Dahmer. The two took a Milwaukee bus to spend the weekend together, where they reported;y had oral sex. When the second day arrived, Weinberger had to leave the apartment which evoked Jeffrey Dahmer to kill him. 

This time again, Jeffrey Dahmer drilled a hole in Weinberger’s head and poured in hot water. His torso was kept in the gallon and his head in the freezer. 

16. Oliver Lacy 

Oliver Lacy was lured into the apartment to pose for appealing photographs but was strangled to death. On the dead body, Jeffrey Dahmer had anal sex and he plunged out his heart to save it for later. Dahmer also took his head and placed it in the freezer. 

17. Joseph Bredehoft

As per the reports, Bradehoft was Jeffrey Dahmer’s last and final prey who also met his killer Dahmer at a bus stop. There, Jeffrey Dahmer requested Bredehoft to go to his apartment. Thus, Bredehoft was last spotted alive on his way to a job interview he had on July 16, 1990. The duo then engaged in oral sex, after which Jeffrey Dahmer strangled and dismembered his body. Bredehoft’s torso was kept in the drum and head in the freezer. 

It was a pattern Jeffrey Dahmer followed until his 18th victim, Tracy Edwards successfully managed to report America’s ever-seen notorious killer in 1991.

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