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Who Is Ted Bundy? What Did He Do — And Why? 

The most famous serial killer in history, Theodore Robert Bunty or popularly known as Ted Bundy is responsible for the death of more than thirty lives.

Even though the reports and official records fix the number at 30, it is speculated that the number of victims that had died at the hands of this gruesome killer could be much more. The killing spree of the infamous serial killer is believed to have started in Seattle, Washington.

Who Is Ted Bundy?

Life Of America’s Most Notorious Serial Killer

Ted Bundy earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Washington with distinction in 1978, the same year in which he started his infamous killing spree. Even though his crimes were gruesome and appalling, Ted Bunty received kind of a celebrity status following his arrest.

His looks and charming personality along with his portrayal of him in the media celebrated him not for the cruel psychopath he is, but for something else.

Ted Bundy is inarguably the most infamous and cruel serial in modern history. He was active for over four years starting from 1974 to 1978. His cruel act took place in seven states across the country.

Bunty is known for his charismatic and handsome features, which he exploited to lure his victims. Ted Bundy mainly targeted women as his victims. Once a victim was targeted, he used his charm to talk them into believing him. From there, he took them to a more isolated secondary location where he would rape and kill the victims brutally.

It is said that Bundy used to re-visit his victims at the site of the murder and engage in sexual activities until the corpses decomposed or were destroyed by wild animals until further interactions were impossible. 

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The mind of Ted Bundy was not like any other. He was described as a true heartless evil by many people. Famous biographer Anne Rule described Bundy as ‘a sadistic sociopath who took pleasure from another human’s pain and the control he had over his victims, to the point of death and even after.

Who Is Ted Bundy What Did He Do — And Why 

There was an instance where Bundy described himself as the most cold-hearted person that anyone will ever come across. Polly Nelson, one of the members of his last defense team, wrote that he was the very definition of heartless evil. 

Ted Bundy, who was born a child outside wedlock, was born in Vermont on November 24, 1946. Ted’s mother Louise was unmarried at the time of her child’s birth and she was also unsure about the father of Bundy.

As children born outside wedlock was a huge issue at that time, Bundy’s grandparents adopted him and he grew up believing that his actual mother was his sister. Bundy grew up as a shy child without many friends. After his graduation, Ted Bundy entered the University of Puget Sound but he later transferred to the University of Washington.

There he met a girl named Diane Edwards. It was Diane who pushed Bundy to be a more outgoing and charming person. Their companionship made him the charismatic and lively Bundy. Later Diane broke up with Bundy on grounds of his immaturity and lack of a bition. This left him devastated. 

Who Is Ted Bundy? Girlfriend

After the broken relationship, Bundy eventually met another girl from the state of Washington, Her name was Liz Kloepfer. Liz, just like Diane, pushed Bundy to better himself and enrolled him at the University of Washington, from where he eventually left with a bachelor’s degree.

After his Bachelor’s, Ted Bundy returned to the University of Puget Sound where he began to pursue a degree in law. It was the year 1974. Even though the exact start of his killings is still uncertain, it was the same time when women went missing around Seattle and Washington.

It was the month of February when Bundy killed his first confirmed victim. Bundy killed almost eight women before moving to Utah later that year.

Bundy moved to SaltLake City and settled in a house near the University of Utah in August 1974. He attended classes very rarely. With a time span of six weeks, Bundy attacked five women, killing four of them. By the year 1975, Bunty expanded his territory into Colorado while still residing at Salt Lake City. With a time span of six months, Bunty murdered another five women. 

The arrest of Ted Bundy was quite interesting. He was arrested not for the murders first but for violating traffic rules. While checking his vehicle after the arrest, police found suspicious objects like a crowbar, gloves, rope, and othe items which led to further questioning and the eventual disclose of the murders.

Arrest did not scare Bundy and he escaped prison twice in a time gap of six months. Bundy committed his final murder in 1978, the same year which he was arrested while trying to escape in a stolen car. 

During his trials, Ted Bundy confessed to more murders than the reported ones, most of which the police were unaware of. He even described his patterns and habits that he followed after killing his victims. Finally on the morning of January 24, 1989, Ted Bunty was executed by an electric chair. 

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