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Emily Ratajkowski Appears to Come Out as Bisexual in a New Tiktok Video

It’s high time you girls! Make yourself loud and proud. 

Following the cheeky revelation of the “Pretty Little Liar” star, Shay Mitchell, which left the street talking for an entire week, here we have another celebrity, Emily Ratajkoswski, 31, on board who recently exposed her sexuality via a cute Tik Tok video. 

Emily Ratajkowski Appears to Come Out as Bisexual

Shay, 35, did a jaw-dropping TikTok duet with another vlogger, who asked, “If you identify as bisexual… Do you have a green velvet couch?” to which the lady replied with a gesture by plopping down on her own couch, which appears to be a green velvet one.  To everyone’s shock, Shay Mitchell seemingly came out as bisexual. 

Emily Ratajkowski Appears to Come Out as Bisexual.

And on Monday, Emily showed off her own green plush couch having the same material as mentioned in the TikTok challenge and she coupled it with an adorable side-eyed coy smile. 

Her fans were ecstatic to see if the camera would stop on a green couch or not and surprisingly, Emily Ratajkowski also revealed her sexual identity. Besides the two, a number of other famous faces have headed to TikTok only to allude to their sexuality. 

Emily’s confrontation has convinced the netizens, however, it has also triggered many other girls to come out courageous at least in 2022, especially in light of such a trend. Moreover, Emily’s emergence as bisexual sends the Internet into a frenzy. 

“So many celebrities are coming out and I just loved it,” a comment read under her post. 

“EMRATA!? AM I DREAMING OR WOT,” another wrote. Others also joined in support, mentioning how universal having a green velvet couch is. 

People were left in disbelief by the news, while a user chimed in, “W for the ladies.”

Emily’s popularity surged with just that video and she now joins Madonna, the pop icon, in alluding to come out. On October 9, Madonna teases her coming out by throwing pink panties in a bin. Although the message was the same, Madonna put on her extra element in the TikTok video where she said that if her panties miss its target, which is the waste bin, then “I’m Gay!’ Eventually, she missed her target, unmasking her sexual interest. 

Emily Ratajkowski Appears to Come Out as Bisexual.

In the last week, including Em, we have witnessed three popular celebrities to seemingly come out as a member of the LGBTQIA community. Interestingly, none of them received backlash, instead, they were only appreciated by their followers. 

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A follower under Madonna’s video even commented, “Did I just see Madonna coming out? Good for her though.”

Emily is no new in talking about one’s sexulaity before a public gathering or a social media platform. Evidently, she had a conversation with Allure magazine in 2017 about finding strength through sexuality. 

“I found my sexuality and my identity.”

She further added, “I found empowerment through that.” However, the interview was insufficient to prove her bisexuality, because it did not address if Emily was bisexual or not. Instead, it only dealt with her general take. 

Emily Ratajkowski Appears to Come Out as Bisexual.

Fans and followers in the comment section have been rejoicing on her behalf since the “Gone Girl” star uploaded the clip one month after she requested a divorce from her ex-beau, Sebastian Bear-McClard.

The bombshell has been married to the Independent Spirit John Cassavetes Award nominee since 2018. Last September, one of Emily’s friends reported to Page Six that her husband had been unfaithful to her for a long time. 

“He is a serial cheater. It’s gross. He’s a dog,” the source said at the time. 

The former “Gone Girl” star and Sebastian together share a son, Sylvester Apollo Bear, 1. 

Emily made the waves with the green velvet couch weeks after she made headlines with Brad Pitt. 

Recently, rumors were rife that the actress was “getting to know” Pitt following her dispute with her estranged husband. 

“Emily and Brad have been hanging out as just friends,” a source said on Sept. 27, noting that the two were in the “very early stages” of their relationship. However, “they like each other and are excited to know where things will lead,” the insider added. 

Very recently, rumors claimed that the Gone Girl actress and Pitt have been considering multiple dates and have been enjoying each other’s company.”

According to the source, Pitt has been playing in the safe zone, without making any commitments. Therefore, the dished pair has been keeping a significant distance from each other.

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